Sheree: There's Some Pent Up Tension Somewhere

Sheree: There's Some Pent Up Tension Somewhere

Sheree Whitfield weighs in on Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams' argument, as well as Tammy's comments about her.

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Sheree Whitfield: I am pretty much on track with Chateau Sheree. I've had several delays with weather, timeliness of materials, and a few other hiccups that come along with building a custom home. However, I am still very hopeful and continue to keep the faith in this process and look forward to presenting what I consider one of my biggest challenges to date. Were you surprised to hear what Tammy was saying about your relationship with Bob?
SW: I was really surprised to hear what Tammy was saying about me. I've met her through my ex and have seen her around, however we have never said more than hello. I found it really strange that someone who has a son by an ex-NBA player but was never wifed up would judge and stereotype another woman. I believe the stereotype needs to stop! First off, Bob and I dated on and off for many, many years AND had two children (not one), and were living together prior to saying "I do"! I've learned long ago that people will judge you no matter what, that some people are just ignorant, and lastly that you can't please everyone! What was going through your mind when Porsha and Cynthia started to get heated?
SW: When Porsha and Cynthia started getting heated, I was really shocked. We all were literally just laughing and carrying on minutes prior. We were having a great time. It went left really quickly, and at first I thought they were joking, but quickly realized they were not. There definitely has to be some pent up tension and anger lurking from somewhere. Hmmm…


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