Cynthia: No, Peter Has Not Met My Rejuvenated Vagina

Cynthia: No, Peter Has Not Met My Rejuvenated Vagina

Cynthia Bailey shares her feelings going into the Reunion, dishes on Peter, and admires Andy Cohen's shade.

Which Housewife Just Got a Boob Job? How did you feel going into the reunion?

Cynthia Bailey: I felt amazing going into the reunion. I didn't really have a lot of drama with any of the ladies, and none of them really came for me. Between my divorce, my move, and turning 50, I tried to stay focused on creating my next chapter, my daughter, my businesses, and my new life. I was happy and in a great space. I prayed for love and light, and that is what I gave snd what I got back in return. What went through your mind when Andy asked if Peter had met your rejuvenated vagina?

CB: I love Andy. He is so funny, and can ask your absolutely anything with a straight face. No, Peter has not met my rejuvenated vagina, but I did leave him with some beautiful memories of the un-rejuvenated one. 

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Cynthia Bailey Dishes on the Reunion at the Halfway Mark How shady do you think Andy was being during this reunion?

CB: This was my favorite reunion with Andy. He was so silly and shady. I loved how he asked a lot of tough questions and didn't let anyone off the hook until they gave a real answer. He is the king of shade, and we can all take a leaf from the forever blossoming Andy Cohen shade tree. 

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