Phaedra: "What a Waste"

Phaedra: "What a Waste"

Phaedra Parks is disappointed the ladies would cause so much drama in such a majestic location.

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Porsha Williams Claims Kandi Burruss Wanted to Drug Her What were you hoping to achieve with the restoration service?
Phaedra Parks: Restoration of peace. My strength is informed by my faith, and I want to share that with others. Perhaps if faith informed more characteristics in this circle, there would not be so much room for resentment, anger, and unbecoming behavior. So in short, I wanted the service to act as the "reset" button in order to refresh perspectives and get everyone centered and focused on what is really important. Did you enjoy your sauna bag?
PP: Yes, I am a huge fan of self-care and this service gave me an opportunity to burn calories and detox, which is always a winning combination.

Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams Get Their Beach Bods What went through your mind during the dinner in Hawaii?
PP: Fix it Jesus! I was super tired and my power nap did not give me all the power I needed. So I was just sitting there partially engaged in all of the ruckus and just wanted the drama to be over with once and for all. It is shame that we were in such a majestic place behaving so poorly. What a waste.

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Kandi Burruss Shares Her Texts with Porsha Williams


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