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No Money, Mo’ Problems

S11/EP19 |
Aired: March 24, 2019
Eva’s post-honeymoon bliss crashes down around her as Marlo serves up a steaming pot of tea regarding her living situation. Since her melt down at Eva’s wedding, Nene struggles over what's next for her marriage. 43:24

The Model Bride

S11/EP18 |
Aired: March 17, 2019
The ladies all come together to celebrate Eva and Michael's big day. Nene is overcome with emotion during the exchanging of the vows, while some of the ladies get concerned with Shamari’s behavior. 43:24

Welcome to the Dungeon

S11/EP17 |
Aired: March 10, 2019
In the aftermath of Nene's Bye Wig party, the ladies try to make sense of what happened. Shamari must tell Ronnie about her drunken antics at the party, while Eva continues her search for the perfect dress with only days until her wedding. 43:23

Bye Wig, Hello Drama

S11/EP16 |
Aired: March 3, 2019
Kandi gets a huge surprise at her “Welcome to the Dungeon” auditions, while Eva must deal with the ever increasing costs for her upcoming wedding. NeNe hosts a "Bye Wig" party where all the women must attend rocking their natural hair. 43:24

Let's Make It Official

S11/EP15 |
Aired: February 17, 2019
As Porsha and Dennis prepare for their baby to arrive, the ladies speculate when they will take their relationship to the next level. While Eva deals with the stresses of wedding planning, Kandi and Todd struggle with the decision to use a surrogate. 43:24

Lost In Translation

S11/EP14 |
Aired: February 10, 2019
Eva and the ladies continue their celebration with a bachelorette party that has a shady start, and an unexpected visitor. During a Samurai lesson, some epic one-on-one battles go down, and later, a long-standing rivalry finally starts to fade away. 43:24

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