6 Outrageous Features of the World's Largest Shopping Mall

6 Outrageous Features of the World's Largest Shopping Mall

For starters, there's a flight simulator and an underwater zoo.

By Rosalind Cummings-Yeates

You might have glimpsed the luxury goods and royal treatment at the Dubai Mall when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills zipped over the gleaming floors on chauffeured buggies — but that’s just a tiny portion of the experience. As the world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall boasts 1,200 stores, 200 restaurants, and a host of features that would impress the most seasoned shopaholics. Check out these amazing amenities the mall has in store:

1. A lounge with limo and porter service

Who wants to schlep around dozens of bags when you can enjoy the ease of a limo and porter service? At the Lounge at Fashion Avenue VIP lounge, the swanky offerings include a personal shopper, limo service, and access to porters and mall buggies so you won’t have to tire yourself walking through 4400,000 square feet of shopping space. Of course, to qualify for these privileges, you’re required to spend $100,000 AED every month, which amounts to a scant $27,000 or so.

2. Shark diving at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Break up the monotony of scooping up designer duds and jewels with a stop by the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo on the mall’s first floor. Gaze through one of the largest aquatic tanks in the world and see more than 33,000 underwater creatures, including more than 400 sharks and rays. If you’re in the mood for a little more adventure, you can go shark diving, or cage snorkeling just a few floors away from the latest fashion finds.

3. The world’s largest aircraft

Hop onto the Emirates A380 simulator and start a 30-minute flight to one of 12 destinations. Choose weather conditions, time of day, and speed to feel what it’s like to soar through the sky in the world’s largest aircraft. You’ll even be guided through a smooth landing by your trainer.

4. A desert winter wonderland

Dubai may be located in a scorching desert, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab some winter fun in between shopping therapy. Dubai Ice Rink supplies an Olympic-size rink, skating lessons, and even special snowfall sessions. There’s also options for foam parties and disco session with a DJ to inspire your moves.

5. A resident mall dino

Located in the Souk Dome, the intact skeleton of a 155-million-year-old dinosaur awaits shoppers. The 80-foot Dubai Dino is a rare specimen, discovered in the Dana Quarry in Wyoming and air freighted to Dubai.

6. Dubai’s landmarks

The largest mall in the world also happens to provide entrance to the top of the tallest building in the world as well as the world’s largest dancing fountain. Head up to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa from the lower level of the mall and take in the 360-degree panorama of the Dubai skyline and surrounding desert. Watch the 900-foot cascades of the Dubai Fountain right outside the ground level of the mall. The daily dancing water and light show features a fascinating array of music, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side,” and Lionel Richie's “All Night Long.”

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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