Can This Dreamy-Looking Plane Actually Eliminate Jet Lag?

Can This Dreamy-Looking Plane Actually Eliminate Jet Lag?

It would be the answer to our biggest travel-related prayer.

By Ko Im

Flying can be draining — just ask the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who spent 24 hours en route to Dubai. Jet lag can kill a whole chunk of the travel experience — to say nothing of how miserable it makes reentry home following a fab vacay. But now it turns out a new airplane might actually help solve the age-old travel problem.

How could that even be possible? Well, the Airbus 350 XWB reportedly has jet-lag reducing properties thanks to its use of all-LED lighting: In addition to creating an aesthetically pleasing (and Instagram-ready) plane cabin, the lights change color temperature to trick your body into experiencing natural sunlight as you would during the course of a normal day on the ground. 

The system is capable of producing nearly 17 million different color combinations, depending how long the flight lasts and how many time zone changes it bypasses.

As well, the cool new plane also has panoramic light-blocking windows, bird-mimicking wings that morph while in flight, and generous eighteen-inch seats with wider shoulder room. Powered by Rolls-Royce engines (you read that right), this Airbus model offers tricked-out entertainment system and high-speed Wi-Fi for everyone. Yes, please!

Qatar Airways carefully co-designed the plane so that even economy feels — and looks — upgraded, with space for every passenger to store a carry-on.

Singapore Air — the airline most widely beloved by world travelers — just announced the delivery of this Xtra Wide Body fleet, which could be a game changer that allows for more long-haul destinations without any stops — starting this spring. 

What wouldn't be to like about lounging in this sleek space? Looks like time on these longer flights to far-flung destinations will fly by... and with nary a dark circle.

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