5 Wild Travel Habits of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

5 Wild Travel Habits of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Let's just say Lisa Vanderpump and Erika Girardi do not pack light.

By Alesandra Dubin

Every time The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills go on one of their fab trips, we learn a few more of the travel quirks and preferences of the posh crew. With their latest travel to Hong Kong now under their bespoke belts, here are five wild travel habits we observed about the cast mates.

1. Lisa Vanderpump's over-the-top packing strategy

Sure, three suitcases for five days... that's normal, right? Let LVP explain: "I've got three suitcases. I need the big one for my makeup, the second to biggest one for my underwear... and the third one for a few things I might want to change into — don't judge me!"

2. Erika Girardi's no-holds-barred glam

Unlike mere mortals, Erika famously travels with her own glam squad. She even gathered the crew pre-trip to review a lookbook they'd prepared to organize and clarify her heavily themed travel wardrobe. "It costs a lot of money to bring them," Erika said, "But it's worth it." That said...

3. Erika's surprising flying wardrobe

Wearing sweats for a long-haul flight is hardly a "wild travel habit" among regular folk. But if you're the woman who travels with a glam squad and a personal lookbook, it's downright surprising — if highly practical. Here's how Erika tells it: "I don't know what these hos are thinking, but 15 hours is a long f***ing time in a little skirt. That's why I'm wearing a sweatsuit, because I know the real deal — it's time to go to bed!" (Naturally she pairs her deep red sweatsuit with way oversized matching sunnies and long, squared-off nails.)

4. Lisa Rinna's unusual packing advisor

Fellow devoted pet parents will hardly find it too shocking that Lisa set about packing her suitcase for Hong Kong while carrying on a convo about it with her pup. But non-pet-people might find it a bit silly indeed that Lisa actually tried on items for her furry bestie, Lola, and asked for validation before making a final selection: "Do you like these? Do you like 'em?! They're pretty, right? What am I missing?" (Eventually, Lola has enough and bails.)

5. LVP's underwhelming response to hotels

The ladies checked into their digs at the soaring and gorgeous Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong. Upon enteting her accommodations — a presidential suite larger than many private homes complete with dining room with room for 12 — Lisa exclaimed, "Oh, this is cute." That's one word for it (but we'd probably be too busy picking our jaw up from the ground to speak at all).
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