Yes, You CAN Pack for a Luxurious Getaway With Just a Carry-On (Here's the Secret)

Yes, You CAN Pack for a Luxurious Getaway With Just a Carry-On (Here's the Secret)

Because aint nobody got the time for lost luggage.

To check or not to check: That is the question!

Sure, jetting off to an exotic locale is exhilarating — but landing in said destination sans luggage is anything but. (In fact, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Erika Girardi called losing her fabulous fashions the worst thing that's ever happened to her while traveling.) Whether heading to the beach for sun, sand, and surf or roughing it in the outback — you can avoid this fate and still look fabulous by packing just a carry-on.

Here are our key tips for packing Housewives-worthy style without checking luggage.

1. Do your research pre-trip.

Ah! Rest, relaxation... and research? Yup! If you’re heading to an all-inclusive resort or a five-star hotel, pretty much anything you’ll need is within arms reach. That means hairdryers, adapters, and fancy toiletries are basically a given. The Ace Hotels stock bathrooms with Rudy's Barbershop x Davines shampoo and conditioner plus all-natural Pearl+ soaps. Hotspot Coqui Coqui in Tulum gives guests personalized boxes of handmade perfumes, soaps, and creams. So, instead of packing your entire stash of beauty products, save the space for other must-haves.

2. Stock up on neutrals.

No, they're not boring! Neutrals are your friends. Think of them as the Switzerland of color palettes: They get along with every color. Whether sporting a little black dress or a beige safari getup, you really can’t go wrong with these safe but very stylish colors. Plus, it’s super easy to dress neutrals up or down depending on the occasion. It’s amazing what a statement necklace or a bold shade of lipstick can do to your entire outfit. As for fabrics, opt for wrinkle-free materials like wool, lyocell, polyester (don't judge!), and cashmere. 

3. Wear your warmest clothes on the flight.

You might be traveling to the Caribbean but that doesn’t mean you’ll survive your flight without reaching for your parka. Airplanes switch from sweltering to freezing temperatures, which basically forces travelers to pack for the Sahara and the arctic. Scarves are great because they can easily double as comfy blankets on the flight. Flying business or first (or better)? Ignore all of the above, as you’ll be perfectly pampered. Regardless of whether your flight is an hour or 10, comfort is key. Before takeoff, you might heat up — which is when breathable fabrics like cotton or silk come in handy.

4. Know when to roll... and when to layer.

Forget folding — rolling is all the rage! (Although this is still an on-going debate among travelers, we're going to — ahem — roll with it.) It might seem counterintuitive, but rolling your clothes saves a ton of space in your carry-on. Expensive evening wear should be the sole exception to this rule. Everything else — from pants and shorts to blouses and tank tops — rolls just fine. Surprisingly enough, this packing method actually minimizes wrinkles. For skirts, however, layering them one on top of the other is the best policy.

5. Check your emotions.

We all have those items that we seemingly can't travel without, but trust us: You can and you should! We get it: Wanting to bring your entire wardrobe for all those "What it I need this?" moments is tempting, but you'll end up with a larger-than-life suitcase and a very annoying overweight luggage fee. Besides, laundry is always an option, and when you’re already splurging on a luxe hotel, what’s a few dollars for dry cleaning? And, with all the room you save by not giving into your emotions, you'll have space for souvenirs.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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