You’re Going to Want to Heed Kathryn Edwards’ Serious Travel Warning

You’re Going to Want to Heed Kathryn Edwards’ Serious Travel Warning

Things happen out there — be prepared.

By Alesandra Dubin

Kathryn Edwards and Lisa Rinna may have major similarities when it comes to their travel styles, but there’s at least one key difference that sets the two seasoned globe trotters apart.

While Lisa characterizes her worst travel experience as run-of-the-mill traveler dramas, like cancelled flights, Kathryn’s had some truly harrowing experiences.

Specifically, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has gotten seriously sick abroad: During a visit to Cairo, Egypt, both Kathryn and her husband Donnie fell ill. 

And that’s why the star has some important advice for travelers bound for exotic lands. “As the saying goes: ‘It's not will I get sick, but when will I get sick.’ Pack [antibiotic] Cipro if you head to Egypt!”

Of course, even a scary setback like that won’t slow down a passionate world traveler like Kathryn, who told Jet Set she’s beyond excited for her upcoming travels to Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Kingdom of Bhutan. 

She also told us she couldn’t possibly pick a favorite among her passport stamps. “It's too hard to pick one place, I could never do it,” she said.

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