David Foster’s First Public Statement About His Engagement Has Us Confused About Math & Grammar

David Foster’s First Public Statement About His Engagement Has Us Confused About Math & Grammar

He also said there was a spark when he met the (then-22-year-old) contestant on American Idol.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

Yes, we admit that we can’t stop following all the updates and analysis of David Foster and Katharine McPhee's relationship. The couple recently got engaged in Italy and, while Katharine has commented (on Twitter) about the public's interest in their relationship, David had not yet posted more than an Instagram pic of the two of them with the word "Yup!!" 

That all changed when the music producer was interviewed on Access Live on July 12 where the opening question was about their first appearance as an official couple at May's Met Gala. David offered up a cheeky response that may have been a veiled hint to the hosts saying, "They wanted to know exactly the thing I don’t want to talk about."

They ... or you?

Not to be thwarted, they pushed him on the topic, admittedly with an oddly worded "do we feel great about the engagement?" He responded, “We’re all great, we’re all happy."

Hmmm. 'We' does refer to two people but 'we’re all great' is different than 'we’re both great.' So him keeping with the 'we' in his response seems less odd than the addition of the word 'all.' Who makes up this all?!

He continued, "And you know, for some reason, the two of us, one plus one makes four instead of two."

Well, if we're talking about four people then, yes, we all can be happy but could this be a subtle hint about a baby ... and could their one plus one plus twins equal four?

All joking aside, we all (wink wink) at Personal Space are not fans of assuming someone is pregnant without any affirmation from the woman herself. However, a source already reportedly told US Weekly that "they do want to have a family” and even David himself admitted that "it seems like it’s interesting news to people, so we’re just gonna roll with it.”

Us, too.

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