Here’s Why This Picture of Dorit Kemsley’s Daughter Phoenix Matters

Here’s Why This Picture of Dorit Kemsley’s Daughter Phoenix Matters

The RHOBH mom’s response on Instagram is what really got me thinking.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

As most of us surely do, I spend many minutes mindlessly scrolling through social media. Every once in a while something will jump out at me (usually an amazing travel or food pic, or something from one of my actual friends), but I have to admit that I probably could scan my feed right now and, in 30 minutes, not be able to tell you half of what I saw. 

That’s not the case with this picture (below) that Dorit Kemsley shared on Instagram. I saw it this morning while in bed and I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.

I didn’t even realize that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom was the one that posted it before noticing what was in the picture. It was a candid shot of a little girl wearing a backpack, and pushing a toy stroller with a doll in it. Sounds pretty standard for many parents, but it was the doll that Dorit’s daughter Phoenix had that caught my eye. 

🎀 I’m ready mommy 👧🏼🌸🍭💓

A post shared by Dorit Kemsley (@doritkemsley) on

The responses to this picture were mostly positive with the occasional ‘does this matter?’ but, as someone who looks much more like the doll in the stroller than the girl pushing it, it matters to me. I entered doll-owning age in the early 80’s (think peak Cabbage Patch) and I remember having two shades to choose from for any doll (when there was a choice at all), and neither of those even closely resembled my complexion. 

As Dorit shared in the comments “It was her first doll and she loves her the most out of all her other dolls. So sweet!” 

Yes, Phoenix likely received the doll before she was of an age to be able to pick it out herself. And, as neither you nor I are Dorit, PK, or any other friend or family member that could have purchased it, we can’t know why that person chose this doll, but that doesn’t even factor much into my reaction.

There are still some parents who wouldn’t have selected the toy or accepted it. There are still some parents who discourage their children from playing with dolls of any color that doesn’t match their skin. There are still some parents who discourage their boys from playing with dolls period. 

Dorit’s second response is what really got me: “Why not? We are the so multicultural, multinational. It’s very important for me as a mother to give my kids a full picture of the world and all of its color and beauty.” 

That’s really what this is all about at the end of the day. Before concluding that this is ‘so great’ or ‘so bad,’ why don't we ask ourselves instead 'why not?'

Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

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