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If You’ve Had Questions About How Happy Ending Massages Start (and Finish), We Have Answers

Someone who's gotten happy ending massages before explains how it all works.

By Marni Eth
Denise Richards' Happy Ending Revelation Still Has The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reeling

Happy ending massages have been a hot topic ever since The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsDenise Richards admitted she encouraged her husband to get one. Despite her castmates insisting their husbands wouldn’t dare it, it seems to be a more common occurrence than people think. Take billionaire Robert Kraft for example — he has a beautiful partner, tons of money, and was still getting happy ending massages.

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Personal Space spoke to Michael, 32 from Manhattan, who gave the scoop on how the transaction typically goes down.

Personal Space: What made you want to get a happy ending massage?

Michael: To be honest, I was really just bored in my relationship. We had been together for three years at that point and it was something I wanted to try.

PS: Did your partner know about it? 

M: Definitely not… I’m single now, but if I wanted to do it again in the next relationship, I would tell the person. I definitely want to be more open and communicative moving forward. Keeping it a secret feels seedier than doing it. 

PS: Do you consider it cheating?

M: Not really because you aren't touching the other person and there’s no emotional attachment. It’s not like you are getting their number after— it’s basically just like an extra part of a massage, which isn't considered cheating in itself. I haven't gotten any happy ending massages when I'm single because I'm hooking up with people. So it kind of feels like avoiding that when you are in a relationship... 

PS: Would you have been OK with your partner doing it behind your back?

M: I don’t know…

PS: How often did you get them?

M: It wasn't like a set routine, but probably every couple of months. 

PS: How did you find a place that would do it?

M: Honestly it wasn't that hard. It feels like 90 percent of places I’ve gone to get massages have sort of offered it. Even national chains — which I won’t name. Even fancy hotel spas — it’s not just the places you would think…

PS: Is there a secret code to use if you want one— how does it work? 

M: If you are getting a massage, they'll sort of touch in that area… if you don’t move away and you are giving off vibes that you are interested, they’ll probably ask if you want more for more tip.

PS: How much extra would you tip?

M: Usually like $40- $60 — separate from the price of the massage. 

PS: Do you think their bosses know they offer it? 

M: I’m not sure. Probably half and half, depending on the place. 

PS: Did you go to the same place/ person each time?

M: No, I would switch it up. Also, if I was traveling for work, I’d usually get a massage somewhere there.

PS: What is it like?

M: It’s a hand-job under the sheet. It’s usually towards the end of the massage, but I would prefer if it was done in the middle, but you don’t always get to pick and choose… Honestly, though, it’s pretty gross. You always feel gross after, or at least, I did. It’s a great idea going in, but not so much after.

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