Back in Time

Back in Time

Camille explains the emotional exhaustion of this episode's events, and rewatching the show

Hello to all of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans everywhere.

I got exhausted just watching the show. It makes me cringe in so many ways.

I just had gotten back from Hawaii and was off to NYC with my family and a few friends. I remember how excited I was to go see my husband and best friend. It had been at least two months since we had seen each other, because of both of our busy schedules.

First, I have to say the apartment was tastefully decorated. It was my first choice when I had gone to NYC apartment hunting with Kelsey a few months earlier. It's funny to watch myself talking about the apartment in this episode because it only proves the cameras can't be there to catch everything. Kelsey was becoming increasingly concerned about the size of the apartment after living there a few months. I was wrong about the square footage. He likes his personal space and with only two thousand square feet or so it was going to be difficult to meet his needs, not to mention the kids. I guess I had internalized Kelsey's concerns and shared them with the camera.

In the few weeks leading to this trip, Kelsey became less interested in when I would be moving to NYC to join him with the kids. The one thing he did share with me was that he was thinking he wanted to move to NYC full time. I told myself he was still in the Honeymoon Phase with his play, but truthfully I realized something was wrong. You know the uneasy feeling that never leaves, it's there when you wake up and there when you go to bed. When I arrived in town I couldn't wait to see him. He just wasn't the same loving partner that had left me a few months before. It was a sad day for me. In spite of my personal disappointment I wanted my children to be happy and enjoy our time together as a family.  And I still had no idea of what would be coming.

Another thing that weighed heavily on my mind was my mother's recent cancer diagnosis. She had been in remission for sixteen years. This new information shortly before this trip was a jolt to all of us. In this episode, I was trying to talk to my mother about her diagnosis. She had told me before that she was fine talking about it, but I guess she over estimated her comfort level on this subject. I totally respect that because I love my mother very much. We are a very close family.

All of these things occupied my mind when the ladies came to town. I was eager to play hostess to the premier of my husband’s play. I had this underlying anxiety about seeing Kyle because of what had happened in Las Vegas. Of course, Adrienne was unable to make the trip. I was saddened by Adrienne's loss and my condolences go to her and her family.

When Kyle came to me to apologize for the misunderstanding in Las Vegas I was very open to the idea of forgive and forget. I had way to many other more important things on my mind. The original incident was not caught on camera. I believed that for a "she said, she said" situation, it had been blown out of proportion. When Kyle approached me I listened to her apology and tried to accept one that I felt wasn't really there. I am the type of person who believes an apology should be sincere and from the heart. After I left the room, I just couldn't shake the fact that she had managed to apologize and insult me in the same breath. It really hurt my feelings when she told me not to be so insecure. I am not saying that I have never had an insecure moment in my life, I, like most people, have had many. This just wasn't one of them. After further reflection, I couldn't go to dinner without letting her know that she hurt me. I didn't appreciate her dig wrapped in an apology.

...And the rest is history. The situation escalated from there. I did remain composed trying to keep my comments to the situation at hand, instead of name calling and insulting. I do wish that this ridiculous incident had never started. It must seem so trivial to all of the viewers and I agree. Truly this whole situation is insignificant when compared to what was going on in my family life.

Until next time.


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