All in White

All in White

Kyle talks about the big shindig, and her special gift from Camille.

Hi there.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

So far this year is starting off with a bang. We just taped the Reunion show on January 4. Emotionally draining to say the least.

Now, on to this week's episode! Camille invited us out to her house for lunch and a day of tennis. I really have been wanting to put Camille and my issues behind us.

I was nervous to go but took comfort in the fact that my husband and children were by my side. I think that Camille is also tired of everything we've gone through together, and was honestly trying to make an effort.

For the record, I jumped in the pool because I had a feeling I was going to be thrown in. I figured I would beat them to it! It ended up being a nice day. I left there feeling like we were on the right track, finally. Only time will tell if we can STAY on the right track.

Lisa and Ken invited us to Pandora's birthday at Sur. Farrah and I were sure Jason was going to pop the question to Pandora right there! They're an adorable couple and I know we were all hoping he would. We were all staring at him like, "Wheres the ring?!" Haha. Poor guy!

I decided to ask Cedric about his childhood because he had been telling me he wanted to share his story with me. I was shocked to hear the details of what he endured as a child. I know that Lisa and Ken have opened their hearts and their home to him and now understood why. My heart also went out went to him.

I was really excited about our annual White Party, mainly because it was Mauricio's 40th. I was happy that all the girls were going to attend. I had called Camille to make sure we were still "ok" and to make her feel better about coming. It's going to take a while before we forget everything that has taken place between us. I knew she had been sick and was happy that she made the effort.

When Camille gave me the book How To Behave And Why I was surprised. I think it was her attempt at a joke mixed with a little dig. That's ok. I can handle it.

I really just want to move on and make peace. The night was absolutely beautiful and Mauricio had the best time being surrounded by family and friends. Not everyone had the best time that night. Taylor seemed a bit down and came to me to discuss why Russell left early. I don't really know what to make of their relationship. Russell has always been nice to Mauricio and me, but I do notice that they seem disconnected. I find Taylor to be outgoing, sweet, funny and smart. I'd like to think that Russell also appreciates these qualities in Taylor.

It's hard giving advice to a friend about their marriage. You never know if you’re saying too much or too little. I can only be honest and try to be as supportive as possible. I hope you all enjoyed tonight's episode.

Until next week.

XO, Kyle

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