Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

Kyle defends her relationship with Kim and tells her side in the Camille/Vegas tiff

Who ever said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? This was a weekend of pure fun and excitement! Adrienne and Paul were fantastic hosts.  I was really excited about the weekend. We very rarely leave the kids, so when I do I feel like a kid myself. I knew that Kim wasn't 100 percent comfortable and I was hoping by the end of the weekend she would have bonded with at least one of the girls. I really felt for my sister when I saw her alone in her hotel room. I actually cried when I saw that clip. I know that it’s not always easy to be on your own. I would give anything for my sister to find someone to share her life with.

Before I get into details about my argument with Camille, I would like to address some of your comments from my last blog. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your supportive comments. I actually replied to each and every one of them before finding out that you don't receive them. I guess there are "imposters" which means I don't have the luxury of replying to you each individually here.

There were also some of you who felt that I am too hard on my sister or felt that I shouldn't have discussed my issues with Kim with her daughter Brooke. I can see your point. Sometimes it feels as if my nieces are more like my little sisters. Also, after losing our parents, I am sometimes at a loss regarding who to turn to when my sisters and I have arguments. My being too strong with Kim is much more complex than I can explain in a blog.  However, she knows I love her. Even if we fight, she knows I am ALWAYS looking out for her. Also, when I said that I promised my Mom I would take care of her, I should have explained that my sisters and I EACH said that we would look after EACH OTHER. That is what family is all about.

Now, on to Camille: What happened between Camille and I was unfortunate. I had such a fun weekend, in spite of being sick and exhausted. I am not really sure what ignited the flame between us.  All I know is that I was simply asking her about her spring break plans.  When she snapped at me, and said that she didn't like being interrogated, my feelings were hurt.  I am a strong girl but also sensitive. What I didn't understand and never will was Camille saying I said something that never came out of my mouth, nothing even remotely similar. I kept hearing things like "you misunderstood, Camille" or " she didn't mean it like that." How about I never said ANYTHING like that?  That is not the kind of person that I am. 

If I had said anything at all like that I would have owned it! I am a straight shooter. My first thought was that she made that up to justify her actions. I'm not quite sure to be honest. However, in hindsight, knowing what I know now, Camille was going through a difficult time. If I had known that, maybe things would have been different. Unfortunately, I didn't, and that weekend set the tone for our "relationship."  

If you want me to answer your questions directly, you can follow me on Twitter, @kylerichards18. Until next week. XOXO , Kyle.

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