World War III

World War III

Lisa knows this wasn't her fight to fight, but still has some opinions on the matter.

Well at least we started on a high note with my excellent example of "European driving" that almost resulted in me being honked off the road. But never mind that, for the record my husband (whom I love dearly) happens to be one of the worst drivers I know. He charges at everything like we are fighting a battle. Men!

Now talking of battles that is the perfect segue into Camille's dinner party. Oh dear, what a cesspit of emotions I witnessed there: jealousy, anger, sarcasm, and vitriol. It was hard to watch, and something I didn't particularly want to be part of. I could not believe how quickly things spiraled downwards, and that again we were in the middle of World War III. I certainly hoped, foolishly, that this was a dinner that would help heal the rift that had commenced in New York. But Kyle and Camille, Taylor and Kim, aaagh ... it was a nightmare!That woman, the psychic (and I will refer to her as just that), seemed to revel in the devastation that surrounded her. As you have obviously witnessed, it wasn't my argument. Adrienne and I stood by as this barrage of insults kept hurling past. Camille initiating conflict with Faye, by mentioning her Playboy spread, seemed to indicate to me that trouble was brewing. And the psychic, who was off the clock and clearly on the cocktails, just would not stop.

I don't need to explain who said what, but the fact that bothered me the most, were the comments made after we had left. I was extremely perturbed at the insinuation that Mauricio, whom I have known for a good amount of time and seen behave in many situations, would ever act inappropriately, or whatever it was that woman said about the nannies. Oh please, whatever your name is, go have another drink!

Look, I have tried to remain impartial and objective, but when I viewed that segment, it looked mean and vindictive, and I am mystified as to why they would take that route. The "psychic" lost all credibility to me. She couldn't be more wrong!

I think this episode had the potential to create irreparable damage between Kyle and Camille, and I am deeply saddened by it.

Who knows where we go from here, but I feel this is an impossible situation.

Keep watching.

As always, love


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