Giggy has a bone to pick with his mistress.

Woof and hello everybody. This week you saw the greyhound in me...

I loved showing you how I run and chase the ball on the tennis court with mistress. That is my favorite thing to do, and I am sooo good at it ,I could go to Wimbledon! Also when I galloped down the hall ... did you see my close up? I rocked it!

Mistress' charity event was at Villa Blanca. Kyle one of the litter mates was upset as she received a text from the pretty poodle. I think her husband is in the doghouse, but he is sooo nice. He can list my kennel any time....

Adrienne, "Blowfish," and mistress sat together and all was well, especially as the morning didn't start that way!

Mistress, she was cross with that mutt that stays with us. It was unusual to see her grrrowl but -- woof -- she was cross and he was lying like a dog. He didn't help her and I don't like him. I want to be the only gigolo in our house !

Anyway, they say every dog has his day and this wasn't mine. I was so embarrassed for mistress to let you all see me naked, having my bath. It was in my contract that they were going to pixelate my nude scene. I have one word for this and it's PAWnDOGraphy!

You see, I have no fur and they exposed me to the world, paw little me. That is why I wear pajamas, not hot dog suits, or panda suits, but pajamas! Barking about dressing up, mistress had this idea to go as a man ... don't understand that. She should have dressed up as a dog!

I am sooo excited for New Years Eve. Everybody is going to be there, but they know who the real star is. Mistress is taking me and Ken who carries my bag; he is going too. I am going to see sweet Andy, and I will be woofing in the new year ! Please watch me ... and mistress the next day will be saying she has to have the hair of the dog that bit her. Never seen a dog bite her though. Oh well, don't understand mistress. Anyway Happy Holidays, love always, Giggy.

You can chase my tail on Twitter.@giggythepom

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