Playing Dress-Up

Playing Dress-Up

Taylor Armstrong gets styled, and responds to comments about her temple injections.

The Easter Bunny paid a visit to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week. In typical Housewives fashion, it came in the form of a three-foot-tall chocolate confection that was almost too cute to eat … almost!

As the girls were playing in Palm Desert, I was enjoying Easter at home with my family and spending a little time with my friend and stylist, Julie Waldorf. Julie spends her days shopping (what a job!) and she knows her clients' style, color preferences ,and sizes by memory. Julie shows up on my doorstep with a big smile and a rack of clothes …we always have a laugh. I have enjoyed playing “dress-up” since I was a little girl playing in my grandmother’s jewelry box. Growing up, I didn’t have the means to purchase designer duds, so I feel like a kid in a candy store having the opportunity to select a few treasures from Julie’s clothing rack. Julie is a blessing to me as she gives me the most precious gift a working mom could ask for … more time to spend with my family.

One final note regarding last week’s episode…
I have had lots of questions and comments regarding the injections into my temples. I have very pronounced cheek bones (genetically)  that make the hollow of my temple area more noticeable. Dr. Nassif’s injections helped fill the hollows making my face a little less angular. The initial bumps at the injection site are normal and they subsided quickly, leaving a smooth result.

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