A Softer Approach

A Softer Approach

Adrienne explains her thoughts going into the reunion and where she hopes the women can go from here.

I suppose if you gather a group of women who have just spent a tumultuous few months together, it's never going to be completely pleasant when you start to dissect how the relationships unfolded. I wasn't expecting it to be an easy reunion, but at the end of the day, I knew the most important thing for all of us would be honesty.

Over the last two years, you have seen me in some great moments and in some tough ones. The one thing that has always worked for me is to be straight up. It's not always an easy choice to just lay things on the line, especially when you're telling someone you care about that you feel hurt or vulnerable because of their actions. I've been fortunate in that people usually view me as being strong, but I'm human too and I also have those moments of being sensitive.

Please remember you only see a fractional portion of our lives and our relationships. There were moments occurring behind the scenes as well that were causing hurt feelings amongst all of the ladies. That being said, I didn't think it was an irresolvable situation by any means. When you put it into perspective, there are real issues that people are struggling with in today's society. This was something that I considered to be a minor bump in the road, and I expected we'd move on from all of this once we talked about it.

So I felt that clearing the air was worth it, for all of us. This is an amazing group of women who are far better off enjoying each other's company than fighting.

Ultimately, those who know me also know that resolution was always my goal. What I have taken from all of this is that maybe my approach was too direct in this situation, and in the future there will be times when a softer approach is a better idea. I value my friendship with Lisa, and I'm looking forward to moving on in a positive direction with all of my fellow 'Wives -- who I truly think are brilliant, talented, and beautiful.

Just as importantly, I am fortunate to have fans who inspire me on a daily basis. Thank you for all of the kindness and support you have given me throughout this entire Housewives experience.


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