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Lending An Ear

Adrienne discusses the trouble with watching Game Night play out on TV and Kim and Kyle's relationship.

By Adrienne Maloof

People often ask me what the hardest part has been about being on this show. I have to say it's the fact that long after we've experienced something, it’s there on the screen to live over again. When things are good, seeing your life in replay is fine, it's nice even. But when it's bad. . .

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I mean, everyone has difficult moments, and everyone says and does things they wish they could take back. But in life you move on and hopefully decide to forgive and forget at some point. Unfortunately, in this case real-life moments are caught on camera, so even if we've moved on by now and put things behind us, it's there to experience all over again on the screen. You can't get away from a moment that might have been painful or uncharacteristic of who you really are.

Which brings me to Game Night.. .

Having not been there, I was told what had gone on, but hearing it and seeing it are two different things. I know it was a genuinely difficult evening for everyone involved -- and I can’t imagine how hard it is for both Kyle and Brandi to see everything play out again on screen right now. I know that neither one is proud of how it went down, and I'm sure it's something they both want to put behind them.

This might be Beverly Hills, but it's not all fun and games around here.

(Yes, I'm aware that was a terrible, terrible pun. What do you want from me? They don't pay me for my stand-up routine around here.)

I have to say I loved attending Camille's charity event. It is so utterly fantastic to see her come through a difficult period in her life and to thrive in her new roles. These are the special moments in life -- when you can be there to support a girlfriend and to celebrate their achievements and the things that are important to them. Until I saw the episode, I hadn't realized everything that was going on at the event, but I applaud everyone for attending and staying put in support of Camille and her mother.

I was so glad to go over and spend some time with Kim and to lend an ear. I just figured that we could get some fresh air and catch up, and I could check in with her about how she was doing. I know that she’s been rebuilding her relationship with Kyle, and I'm so happy that they are both working on it. One thing I've learned is that we are sometimes hardest on those we love the most, and I think that is what was happening between them. I don't have a sister, but I have amazing brothers, and I'll tell you this -- it's one thing for me to say something about one of them, but it's another thing entirely for someone else to say something. That I don't tolerate at all. Want to see me come out swinging? Talk about my family. Protective doesn't even begin to describe it.

I'll have a lot more to tell you after next week's episode. A serene spa day at my house turned out to be anything but.

And for the record, we're going on week two without Jackpot (a.k.a. Santa Paws) leaving presents in Paul's closet. I don't know how things turned around for us. My guess is a publicist called him and told him to knock off the s---t. Literally. Hey, whatever works! XOXO, Adrienne

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