A Leg Up

A Leg Up

Brandi celebrates finally being cast free, but gets serious about her fight with Kim.

The White party! Watching Kyle prep for her party, I can hear the stress in her voice. As it goes in Beverly Hills, there is never a dull party, and I can tell Kyle was worried about all the different personalities coming to the party (and, of course, the friction between her friends and family).

Going into the evening, I was aware of the email Russell had sent to Camille, and I truly felt horrible for her. I felt she was being made into the scapegoat for a situation that really had nothing to do with her.

I honestly feel that Paul was the lone voice of reason in this episode. I agree with everything he said.

Kyle's house looked amazing and all the ladies looked beautiful. And, ladies and gentleman, this was a big moment: my cast is totally off. This was the first time I was in high heels on not one, but two feet. Haha.

My close friend Jennifer came along to the party to make sure I didn't trip and fall, and to make sure I had someone there to keep an eye out for me. Kim was going on about me liking my broken leg, but, ummm, my cast was off.

When it comes to Kim, I'm going to keep to myself and let God handle the rest. I wish her nothing but health and happiness.

After Malibu, I decided to stay away from the whole Taylor and Russell situation because nothing was adding up to me.

I am not sure we will really ever know everything that happened and that's fine, because honestly it's none of my business.

However it was unfortunate that no one could get a hold of them all day to avoid the embarrassing situation that happened. I was glad though that everyone spoke the truth to Russell and Taylor about their feelings. Paul said it best, they needed to go, and Adrienne made it clear that Camille wasn't in the wrong. I applaud Paul for telling them like it is and being upfront and honest!

Aloha until Hawaii.

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