How You End Up

How You End Up

Dana charts her wild life and puts this season to bed.

For the record not a big fan of my make up for the reunion, but I loved my dress. . . will never tell you who it is though! I’m glad people got a bit of insight into my life. I left home at 15 and pretty much built myself up from there, so I guess I do get enamored by shiny objects and over-the-top money items. I hope my silly behavior doesn't make you forget that it doesn't matter where you start -- just how you end up. Some of you may have noticed my weight loss. I'm really proud about it. I can't wait to share with you how I did it over the next few months.

Not surprisingly Game Night pops its evil head up again. Honestly I'm sick of talking about it. My bottom line is I was trying to protect Kim and her children that night by downplaying her odd behavior, and Kyle and Kim know this. I'm so happy that she's doing well and that she and Kyle have come to a happy reconciliation. The rest was said at the reunion.

In regards to Taylor, nobody has walked in her shoes and no one should judge her until they have. I still stand by what I said on the show -- if my friend says it, then it happened. I love you Taylor and am so glad you're in my life.

Also I too think Ken is hot, but I would not shag him because he is married, unlike a certain cast mate of mine. LOL.

Some people are wondering whether I would come back next season and for the record I would! This "friend" has some unfinished business with these women. Let's hope I get a chance too!

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