Why Be Cordial?

Why Be Cordial?

Dana discusses the drama of this season and wonders why anyone was nice to Cedric at the party.

The opening of Sur was a lovely event. I spent most of the party drinking in the back area and socializing. I was asked to let the women have some time to work out their differences with Taylor alone, and so I respected that and didn't interfere. I did check on Kim when she was in the bathroom to make sure she was OK. I wanted her to know that I was there if she needed me. This season was tough for me. There were very personal and serious issues happening with Taylor and Kim, and I can't tell you how hard it was on me. It took so much energy!

Was anyone surprised Kim thought she was pregnant? I was. I thought Kim would have been passed that point in her life and didn't think she was that into her guy to go there.

Lisa showed a lot of class in asking that waitress that had been involved with Brandi's husband to leave the party. I also was shocked at how much restraint Brandi showed toward the waitress. I must say I would have really let her have it if she had been involved cheated with my husband. I don't know the details of Brandi's previous marriage, but one thing I know is that I hate cheaters with a passion. Cheaters should be ashamed of themselves. Women who help cheaters beware -- once a cheater always a cheater and if you think it will be different with you, you’re wrong. They are fundamentally broken in there and no one can fix it.

I was surprised Brandi and the others were so nice to Cedric. I don't know him very well but I didn't say "Hi" to him because on principal. If he betrayed Lisa and her family and I don't have a strong personal relationship there then I'm not going to be cordial. Why would I be, if I really believe he was so bad to her? If Lisa is my friend then I better reciprocate the respect of not being friendly with someone who has seemingly hurt her so deeply.

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