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Lisa and I Aren't Mismatched

Brandi thinks the only reason she and Lisa are different is because of their bank accounts.

By Brandi Glanville

Paris! Yolanda and I really bonded on our trip to Paris. We had both spent many years there modeling in the past. I think Yolanda is a beautiful sexy woman and when she asks me to go exercise, I do. If I wanted to look that good in 10 years I better get my ass jogging (even though I was super under the weather).

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Side note: My curling iron exploded in Paris so forgive the lack of effort that went into my hair.

We all head to the Eiffel Tower, and I wasn't super excited because I am deathly afraid of heights. So when you see me standing next to the iron please note that I was two decks back from the edge where Yo scared the shit out of me and pretended to "fly."

Kyle and Lisa have a heart-to-heart and Kyle admits that she is jealous of Lisa's friendship with me. Kyle says that Lisa and I are a mismatched pair. . .Hmmm wonder what she means by that? Lisa and I have the exact same sense of humor. My friends' ages range from 22 to 65 years old. As far as social circles go, I was at P. Diddy's White Party many times way before Kyle's White Party and even before I knew who Kyle Richards was. I guess Kyle was referiing to our bank accounts because that is the only real mismatched thing about Lisa and I. I'm working very hard to change that.

Kim and I had a bonding moment on the Tower, which I thought was very sweet. Kyle and Lisa kissed it out -- so let's hope it all goes better now.

I love to cook, so I was very excited to take this cooking class although I have never loved French food. When we were leaving the hotel heading to the cooking class, I realized that Kim was missing. Yolanda and Kyle went up to check on her. We all hoped it was not another Hawaii incident. This trip to Paris, Kim seemed fine one second and then completely off the next. We were all very concerned about her. Yolanda and Kyle were able to wake Kim and get her down to the class. Lisa was truly concerned, but Kim took it as something it wasn't. I thought it better to just give Kim and Kyle their space, but I'm not the boss of anyone here.

While in cooking class, I see a duck head and I am not OK with this at all. I used to have a pet duck named Oscar. I just couldn't stomach watching the beheading of these cute little ducks. We end up having a lovely dinner, and I innocently flirt with the chef although I really was just being a jokester. Kim and I had yet another bonding moment at the table and I am enjoying getting along with her.

Yolanda, Kyle, Kim, and Mauricio go shopping and Kim is upset because she thinks Lisa is stirring the pot. Yolanda assures her that it doesn't matter, and if that is true she isn't her friend. Yolanda was being extremely sweet to Kim and helping her out the entire trip. To make things very clear it was because Kim seemed very unstable during our Paris trip and we were all worried about her.

Yolanda was just trying to help Kim put her best foot forward and worry about her health instead of what the rest of us gals thought. All of us, including Lisa, were coming from a loving place.

Until next week!

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