Keeping Yolanda Out of It

Keeping Yolanda Out of It

Lisa explains how she tried to let Yolanda make her own decisions about the women, Adrienne included.

And here we are again,our third leg on what could be described as an arduous race, a journey that has so many bumps in the road that it is important to take note of all the little nuances that you may witness along the way.

Many times I have been asked why I would venture into the world of reality? Well many reasons, and as I observe Kim and her daughter preparing for her prom, those moments that are forever preserved, that you can replay, like I have many times with my daughters engagement, wedding preparation, and marriage, I know there lies one of my answers.

Then we have the short vignette of Kyle teaching her daughter to drive in a Porsche. . .I think it would probably be wiser and less pressure for her to learn in an old banger, the way my children did. Just saying.

We had all been invited to Yolanda and David's for dinner. I had introduced Yo Yo to this group of women and been mindful not to influence her either way, not to gossip and explain the hurt and accusations. So she was largely unaware of the negativity between Adrienne and I, and I felt that she should form her own opinions and not be influenced by me. It was a choice and my perception of some people at that point maybe would have colored her point of view.

I probably should have asked her to place me somewhere other than opposite Adrienne and Paul and to be honest it was rather uncomfortable,but we muddled through.

David played the piano and were entertained by some incredible singers, Taylor unbeknownst to me had brought up once again the subject of Brandi and her flippant remark. Unnecessary, but Taylor was a few drinks in and probably not making the wisest choices.

I had sent a thank you note to Adrienne for the ummm. . .arrangement. I had to, even though like many, I felt it was in bad taste. I couldn't be sure that she was responsible for the choice, not her florist, so it had to be taken as some sort of peace offering.

It was then decided we should meet for a drink and discuss the situation without any body else being involved. Ken, as always, is ever protective and would rather just eliminate them from our lives. But life isn't that simple and as we are all together at many occasions due to the forum that we signed up for, it was a necessity to confront the issue once and for all.

So there I leave you, with a little more insight into my feelings. I value your comments and am fascinated by how intuitive you all are and your accurate observations. We can't fool you, that's for sure. . .until next week.

Love always, Lisa

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