Brandi's New Outlook

Brandi knows she was being a "hot mess" this season, but she's ready to say "f--- you" to certain people.


As of today I have a new outlook. No more feeling sorry for myself because I had a rough year or some pathetic, phony famewh--- can't stop talking about me and throwing bulls--- labels my way. I know exactly who I am -- and that is a good person who says stupid s-- sometimes and lives without prejudice in my life.

I was a hot-mess for part of this season, and I fully f---ing admit that. I'd like to say thank you to the people in my life that love me through the good times and the rough times and who don't jump ship because I'm not having my best year. Also thank you to my friends in the Twitter-verse and on social media that have been a huge support to me, even before I started this rollercoaster of a ride on reality TV. THANK YOU!!!


For the assh---s that write hateful tweets or said mean things to me because I am not perfect and clearly you are, please, please, please F--- OFF, F--- YOU, GO F--- YOURSELF, AND FINALLY SHUT THE F--- UP! 2014 is a new year and it's going to be good! I can't wait for this reunion. It's about to be f---ing on!!! Bring it bitches.

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