Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce can't believe Lisa's dream team has turned against her or that Carlton would think Mauricio attend a party without Kyle.

on Feb 10

Hola Mis Amores! This week I went with my husband to a LGBT Family Equality awards dinner, and I want to use this platform to say that the one thing that should rule the world is LOVE. I know it sounds cliche and I respect everyone's opinions; but in this day and age we cannot discriminate and more so: We cannot tell ANYONE who they can or can't love.

Before I go into this week's episode I want to say that some people have thought I'm a bit naive. I'd like to differ. I know how to read people. But perhaps because of the fact that I always like to see the good in people and because I'm happy and make no apologies for it some might consider me naive. I'd rather be happy and naive than a miserable hypocrite.

OK...This week we see Yolanda going to Mohamed's home to plan Gigi's party.
I frankly do not understand Yolanda's jabs at Lisa. As she previously said on multiple occasions: Lisa was her great friend and part of her dream team. Now all of a sudden she uses every moment she can to throw some shade at her. I could see even Mohamed was uncomfortable with the way she was talking about Lisa.

Kyle, Mauricio, and Alexia were so cute! I love their family dynamic and their girls are the sweetest! I can't believe Carlton would invite Mauricio to her in laws company party and uninvited Kyle. Really? like her husband is going to go without her!