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Why Lisa Shouldn't Have Brought Up Mauricio

Kyle on why she tried to mend things with Lisa and why it hurt when she brought up "the elephant in the room."

By Kyle Richards

Season 4! I can't believe it. This season proves to be rockier than ever.

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I loved watching Yolanda's beautiful daughter Gigi modeling. Such a beauty -- and sweet on top of it. Of course, her mother and I have some issues to work out. I had not spoken with Yolanda since last year's Reunion. I will say though, she seems to be a great mom and very proud of her children.

I am happy to see Brandi's success. Brandi and I have always clashed, made up, and clashed again. . .I think that is mainly because we didn't really know each other nor did we make the effort to do so. Things change a lot this season and the dynamics among the group change drastically.

Lisa had always wanted to do Dancing With the Stars, so I am sure she was excited. At this point, we had not spoken since the Reunion last year. The accusations hurled at Mauricio were so offensive and calculated that there really wasn't anything to say. I said how I felt at the reunion and left it at that.

I had made many efforts to repair the relationship with Lisa, but at this point it really was so damaged. However, I don't like having any bad feelings between friends or former friends -- which is why I make another effort to "patch" things.

Watching my sister Kim and her dog Kingsley made me laugh! Too cute. My sister is such an incredible mom. Having her kids grow and leave home (although Chad is still at home) has to be SO difficult. I DREAD that day. A dog like Kingsley really does fill a void.

Having SUR cater my party for the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce party was my way of trying to fix things with Lisa. Even though I really was hurt at the Reunion, I don't want to hold onto that forever.  Some of my friends have questioned why I would even want to repair things with Lisa after everything. Well, not only did we once have a genuine friendship, but we are in the same circle of friends and both have our businesses on the same street. Life would certainly be much easier if we could be close like we once were. That proves to be difficult with Lisa taking one jab after the next at me. That day, in addition to her jabs, she brought up the subject of the lies in the tabloids that had intentionally tried to hurt my family.

We have all had lies printed about us and we all know that when you are on a reality show and putting your lives out there this can happen. But we also know that the last thing we would want to do is bring it up to give these lies a platform and make us relive this again in six months -- which is what I am having to do now. Lisa said in her interview that it was the elephant in the room and she thinks the best thing to do is just "hit it head on with me" Really? Why wouldn't you do that in private if you wanted to bring it up? No, she waited for the cameras to be there. Not only that but also Portia, who understands and takes in everything.

I was hurt but put it aside as I had already come this far having her to my home to discuss her restaurant catering the party. . .I knew then this wasn't going to be easy and found myself (the first of many times) questioning why I cared so much.

The party was . . .well, interesting. Not exactly the White Party. But, contrary to Lisa's beliefs, I actually am a business woman now. I am a mom and wife first but I opened this store and I want it to be a success. Mauricio and The Agency, as well as my friends Tiffany and Andy who own Fatburger are members and told me it is really good for business. I am learning the ropes and am having a lot of fun with it. I love fashion and I love meeting all the people that come into the store and helping them put together looks. The staff and I have a lot of fun together! I absolutely adore them!

I was surprised at how close Lisa and Scheena are. I can't imagine that is easy for Brandi to see considering the history and her own close friendship with Lisa.

This was also the first time I met Carlton and Joyce. Both of whom I liked right away. As well as their husbands.

In Carlton's interview she said she was shocked to hear me mention "Lisa's nipple". . .That three-quarters of of a nipple joke actually CAME from Lisa. One of the tabloids had said she had done pornos and she kept joking and saying "oh, please! it was three-quarters of a nipple! " And based on things that you will be seeing this season, I find it hard to believe that Carlton could be offended by a nipple comment.

Hold on for a bumpy ride! Season 4 is here!

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