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Lisa Would Make the Same Mistake Again

Even after all she's been through with Brandi, Lisa is loyal enough that she would once again have defended her behavior.

By Lisa Vanderpump

Hello, another week has flown by! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!

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Firstly I hear all of you. I tried on many occasions to say enough was enough, but I am sorry if a friend, somebody you really care about, is obviously screwing up I don't need to jump on that bandwagon and publicly scold her.

Yes, it was getting tedious. It's getting even more so to watch now, and I can imagine how all of you feel, watching the situation rapidly deteriorate.


She on occasion had been drinking too much. Had I talked to her about it? Of course. She was sick of hearing it. However as we leave this disastrous dinner, it was clear that Brandi had provoked it. And I knew it would be an I possible task to get her to admit it and ask Joyce for forgiveness.

I felt like I had when my children had ever been naughty at school (for the most part they weren't but) chastising them and then a minute later, batting for them against all odds.

It seems strange to me now as many of you have seen, the negativity that has been in the press from someone who we defended to the point of compromising our integrity. I would say lesson learned however, I am an incredibly loyal person and would probably make the same mistake again.

Then, on a lighter note, we go shopping for our new project. We always disagree about different pieces that we use. Ken won that battle. The subject of the other night arises, I didn't understand Ken's position that Michael shouldn't have gotten involved. What man would sit there as a barrage of provocations were thrown across the table and not defend his wife? No, sorry darling. You may have won with the stone pot, but I know if the situation was reversed, you would defend me to the bitter end...And that is why I love you.

I felt maybe a better way to placate the situation was to speak to Joyce one-on-one. My first experience with her had not been a positive one, but I knew as she was part of this group, we had to interact. And it seemed when others were involved, it always became too heated, so we decided to meet at my house.


I was starting to warm to her and understand her point of view -- and our relationship definitely improved as a result of that conversation. She was absolutely correct in the statement-- that I made excuses for Brandi and there was no getting away from that.

Anyway I loved the charity event,all the work that went into it and think it is wonderful when this platform is used for positivity and there could be no cause more worthy.

So that is it for this week. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2014!

Until next time. Love always,

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