Eileen: Brandi Showed Us How Not to Make Amends

Eileen: Brandi Showed Us How Not to Make Amends

Eileen talks about Brandi's tree snafu and the SNL skit she now can't get out of her head.

Hmmmmm. Well, now that was an interesting episode! it seems we're picking up speed here, folks. Let's begin with Brandi's housewarming party...

Brandi's new home has such a nice view. The party was fun, and her parents are so lovely. I hope Brandi and her two sons are very happy there.

PUMP is such a beautiful, classy restaurant. It has an amazing ambience, and the food is sensational. I was happy to help out Lisa V. and her wonderful cause for foster girls. It was such a beautiful day and a lovely event. What could possibly go wrong?

And then it happened. Brandi ripped off a branch from an extremely old olive tree and then made Lisa V. an offer apparently she can refuse. I'm not quite sure what Brandi was hoping to accomplish. Maybe she's showing us how not to make amends? It does seem that Lisa V. is having none of it, and who could blame her?

Brandi Glanville Tries to Make Amends
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I'm hoping for a little more clarity after the tea when we all went for dinner. It seems Brandi is upset with Lisa V. for having a server working for her that slept with her ex-husband. That would be uncomfortable. It seems they have a long road ahead of them before they can patch up their friendship. Wouldn't it be great if everyone sat down and hashed out their differences with a mediator? Oh wait! They do! It's called RHOBH reunion!

"Colonel Angus! Colonel Angus! I just love Colonel Angus." Sorry. That's a line from a Saturday Night Live skit starring Christopher Walken as...Colonel Angus. That's all I could think of during that conversation with the ladies at PUMP.

Next week looks like so much fun! I can't wait! Happy New Year!

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