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Kyle: Brandi Was Rude and Offensive

Kyle thinks Lisa R. and Eileen are right about Brandi wanting attention. 

By Kyle Richards

Brandi and Lisa V.'s lunch was so awkward. I see two people having two completely different conversations. Having fun together was the basis of their friendship. That fun is gone. In my opinion, it's going to take a long time to repair, if ever.

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Brandi and Lisa V. Finally Sit Down

I can't believe Alexia is taking off for college. Two down, two to go. I'm so embarrassed by how overly emotional I am about it. I went through this when Farrah left for NYU (two years later she transferred to USC) and now realize I will be like this with all of them. I love being a mom more than anything in the world. I don't take being a mother for granted. I enjoy every moment with them and feel so lucky to have these four amazing girls in my life. They are my favorite people in the world to spend time with. The thought of them leaving home hurts so much. I won't see Alexia's happy, smiling face every morning. She won't be getting ready for school next to me in my bathroom while we talk. I know it's a natural part of life, and I am so proud that she is going to college. Alexia and I have had conversations with parents who don't want their kids to transfer and want them to "finish what they start," so to speak. I wanted Alexia to know that her happiness comes first to me. And that while I insist she finishes college, if she isn't happy, she doesn't have to stay there. There are many options out there.
I also wanted her to know that I will be OK, too. She is the type of child that downplays things if she's hurt or not feeling well because she doesn't want me to worry. I'm not sure how convincing I was.

The dinner with Lisa R., Yolanda, Brandi, and Eileen started out lovely, with all the women looking beautiful and having fun. Brandi pushing Eileen to "act" at their dinner was clearly making Eileen uncomfortable and she was relentless. When Brandi threw the glass of wine in Eileen's face, I felt so bad for Eileen. To see her laugh out of shock and then cry because Brandi tried and succeeded in humiliating her made me feel so sad for Eileen. Not to mention she ruined her leather jacket. Eileen has been so sweet and kind to all of us. Why Brandi would do that is beyond me. Saying she drank too much or she is just a "super fan" is not a good enough excuse.

Drinks Go Flying!

Yolanda's dinner party...Yolanda always throws a beautiful dinner party, and it was nice to see her with energy and having fun after being ill for so long. Although I was glad that Brandi apologized to Eileen (who was incredibly gracious in her accepting the apology), she was once again being rude and offensive on and off throughout the entire night, starting with putting down Kenny (Babyface) wife Nikki's beautiful ring. I wanted to crawl under the table. It was so embarrassing and I'm sure hurtful to the newlyweds. Then later when we are all having a beautiful evening, about to listen to Kenny sing, and Brandi has to throw out another tasteless comment.

Did Brandi Just Diss Babyface?

I think Eileen and Lisa R. are right about Brandi doing these things for attention. She's a beautiful girl who certainly doesn't need to act like that to get noticed. I just wish she realized that.
Overall, it was another beautiful night at David and Yolanda's. However, things soon get out of control...

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