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Lisa V.: A Scare Can Be the Ultimate Lesson

Lisa talks shopping for Giggy, her friendship with Lisa R., and the silver lining in Yolanda's daughter's situation.

By Lisa Vanderpump

Hello, I hope you all have had a good week...

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As most of you know, I am dog obsessed. I have seven who obviously don't wear clothes, but Giggy, the love of my life, has always suffered from alopecia, so his clothes are so important. He is my little man, and I enjoy choosing his little outfits. He sometimes ends up looking like Liberace, though, I have to admit.

Now if I could get my hands on that dolly, Portia, it might ease the pressure on Giggy!

Watching Kyle charter the boat brought so many memories flooding back. We had a yacht for years when we lived in France, and it is a hole in the water in which you pour money into. Wonderful moments, though, were had by all over the years, but chartering is definitely the way to go!

We live and learn from our mistakes, and I'm thankful the cost wasn't too high.”

Seeing Yolanda receive the news of Bella's DUI was heart rendering really. We as parents always feel the responsibility of our children's actions, but at some point they have to be held accountable, and if nobody was hurt, I am a believer that sometimes a scare can be the ultimate lesson that is necessary to steer them in the right direction.Then as we witness the flashbacks to Bella reassuring her mother all would be well in her absence, it is something I am sure many mothers and daughters have experienced, but few have the humbling scenario captured by cameras for all to witness! I know all three children to be sweet, kind, intelligent individuals that are a credit to the family, and this unfortunate incident should be documented as just that. We live and learn from our mistakes, and I'm thankful the cost wasn't too high.

So Lisa R. and I have lunch. I was emphatic that my experience with the confines of this journey should not influence her opinion of the other women, the same as when Yolanda joined the group. It would be easy to cast a negative light and search for an ally, but I was secure in the fact that Lisa knew me well enough to be objective of any situation that might transpire.

We ate, shopped, and laughed, gently teasing each other and enjoying the light-hearted banter that we have developed over the years.
I believe that is what friendship should be: a secure place where you don't put demands on somebody. One of the most important things in a friendship is loyalty, also the way that other person makes you feel...And LR makes me feel really good, so that is why I invited her to my special event, because I knew I would have her utmost support.

I loved seeing Eileen introduce her family to all of you. She is a kind, sweet woman, and one you will enjoy getting to know.

So onwards and upwards but sometimes sidewards as we navigate the complicated path that we travel together. Many uplifting moments to come and some precarious ones, too. I hope you have a blessed week as we prepare for the holidays...

Love always, Lisa.

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