Eileen Davidson: Yolanda Is a Force

Eileen Davidson: Yolanda Is a Force

Eileen explains why seeing Yolanda's medicine cabinet brought up painful memories.

Lisa Rinna and Eileen Pay Yolanda a Visit

It’s another emotional week here as Vincent and I continue to deal with the loss of his dad, Dick Van Patten. It was a bittersweet moment visiting his star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. The outpouring of love and support from so many people whose lives Dickie touched has been a tremendous experience. We continue to try to heal after this loss and try to look at the world like Dickie did: hopeful, humorous, and upbeat. But, as we continue with the grieving process, it’s hard not to reflect on all the other losses my family has gone through.

My sister Connie passed away a year and a half ago, and seeing Yolanda going through her illness...it’s hard for me not to be reminded of Connie. Because my sister tried to cure her cancer holistically, seeing Yolanda’s closet full of vitamins and supplements took me aback. But Yolanda is dealing with Lyme disease and not breast cancer, thank God. And even though it’s a difficult battle, Yolanda is a force. When Yo feels beaten down, it’s up to the people who care about her to continue rooting for her recovery. “Don’t worry about the beauty,” was the quote that got to me this week. What an inspiration; doing everything she can to return to wellness.

Then we have Lisa R. dealing with her father going to the hospital. I can relate to the feelings of guilt that arise from not living close to your parents. I admire her ability to keep the humor alive. I’m sending love to her and her family at this difficult time.

I feel like we all need a vacation right about now. Kyle and Mauricio really know how to live! I’ve been lucky enough to go to Italy, but never Tuscany. It’s officially made my bucket list after watching this, if for no other reason than the food! Kyle and Lisa V. are a hilarious comedy duo. Watching them together cracks me up, especially when they take a ride in the Ferrari. Best quote ever: “Apparently, if you have a penis, you never get lost.” I may have to steal that one from you, Kyle! Still laughing.

Extended Scene: Mauricio Gets Lost in Italy

As great as this vacation is, it takes a turn during the dinner, and not just because of the mosquitos. It’s unfortunate that the issues around Nicky Hilton’s wedding and the invites (or lack thereof) were discussed in front of the kids. It’s obvious Lisa V. cares about Kyle, and her intention is to stick up for her, but it seems like discussion of some family dynamics may be best left private. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend is respect their boundaries, especially when it comes to family.

Show Highlight
Is Lisa Vanderpump Overstepping With Kyle?

Well, all this drama is making me yearn for an Italian butler, ready with the rosé! Arrivederci!


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