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Kyle Richards: You Can Feel How Much Yolanda Is Suffering

Kyle clarifies her comment about Yolanda Foster going makeup-free.

By Kyle Richards

Hello everyone and my apologies for not writing my blog sooner, but here we go! Season 6. Can't believe it!

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Watching Lisa V. pitch to the Dodgers in pink high heels was classic Lisa. I don't think she should quit her day job. But like she said, it could have been a disaster. I mean she could have broken a heel!

Before meeting Lisa for lunch at Villa Blanca, I met the rep for my favorite sunglasses Sama Eyewear at my store. While I have seen a lot of over-the-top things in Beverly Hills, sunglasses for $75,000 takes the cake. Until then I thought that Dana's infamous sunglasses at $25,000 were the most expensive pair. I did NOT order them for my store, because I don't have a customer that would buy something like that. I'm not sure if even Beyoncé would waste money like that!

I'm happy that things are better with Lisa V. and me. For a while it was very difficult, and I missed our old friendship.
So sad about the passing of Eileen's father-in-law Dick Van Patten. Such a kind man that was loved by so many. I think everyone felt like they knew him. I am happy that we got to see him recently.

Watching Yolanda in the state she is in is very sad. She's been suffering for so long now and has tried so many different treatments with very little (if any) relief. Seeing Yolanda cry is heartbreaking. I've always seen her as being so strong that I am always taken aback when I see her so down and weak. You can feel how much she is suffering.

Yolanda Is Missing So Many Things

On a lighter note, it was fun that Lisa Rinna got to do Oprah: Where Are They Now?, and I always enjoy watching Lisa Rinna with her girls, because I can relate. I love to watch how others parent their teenage daughters. Lisa and I have laughed about the challenges we face at times.

Lisa Rinna's birthday party...first of all I want to clear up my comment re: Yolanda that was apparently misconstrued. This is the most frustrating part of being on a reality show... I said that in Beverly Hills a woman going out to a party without makeup on is shocking. I was referring to women in Beverly Hills in GENERAL. And that's true! I think Yolanda looked great without makeup. I told her she looked pretty and meant it!

Yolanda Foster Goes Out Makeup-Free

So moving on from that...

This season is very challenging for many of us. You will see many ups and downs between all of the women. It's not always easy having certain parts of our lives out there, especially while going through difficult times This is just the beginning...

Thanks for watching.

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