We Can't Stop Watching Ken Todd's Reaction to #PantyGate

We Can't Stop Watching Ken Todd's Reaction to #PantyGate

Didn't catch it? We got you covered.

Dorit Isn't Buying It

When Erika Girardi revealed to the other Beverly Hills Housewives that she wasn't wearing underwear, the reactions varied. Lisa Vanderpump was shocked, Kyle Richards was amused, and Dorit Kemsley's husband was...entertained? But it was really Ken Todd's reaction that was most fun to watch. Didn't catch it? Well here it is.

So what exactly is going through Ken's mind? Is he disgusted? Displeased? Or does he merely not like the thought of any woman sans underwear who isn't his wife?

One thing we know for sure is PK Kemsley did not share Ken's sentiment.

Show Highlight
Dorit's Husband Didn't Mind the View

From the look of next week's previews, it's safe to say #PantyGate is far from over.

Did Erika Girardi Flash Her Puss?

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