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Camille Grammer: I Wanted to Exact a Small Measure of Revenge

Camille fully expected Dorit Kemsley to laugh off her gag gift.

Camille Grammer Has the Vagina of a 16-Year-Old

In Sept of 2013 I was diagnosed as having an aggressive form of stage 2 endometrial cancer. I underwent a rigorous treatment program that included a radical hysterectomy followed with chemo and radiation therapy. During my radical hysterectomy, my surgeon removed the uterus and ligaments that hold it in place, the ovaries, cervix, surrounding lymph nodes, and one to two inches of the top of the va-jay-jay. 

Lisa Rinna and Camille Pick Out Lingerie for the Rest of the Ladies

Not only does one have to endure the surgery and the awful chemo and radiation aftermath, but after a radical hysterectomy, one’s body changes as a result of surgical menopause and a smaller va-jay-jay. After the surgery, I experienced hot flashes and a waning libido. It’s difficult feeling sexy after all of this. You are adjusting to life in remission with little sex drive, night sweats, and a host of other new gifts after such treatment. I am very grateful to have beaten my cancer, but it has been tough adjusting to my new normal. Try explaining this to your new partner—TMI! So, Lisa Rinna kindly went shopping with me to help me reclaim some of my self-confidence and mojo by picking out lingerie to help me get my sexy back. We had many laughs, and I appreciated her good wishes, candor and support. 

My mother was diagnosed at the age of 47 with stage 3 ovarian cancer, and she continues her battle to this day with kidney cancer. Due to my genetic predisposition to certain cancers and having experienced the travails of my mom and grandmother in their battles against this awful disease, I wanted to use my platform to raise awareness and funds for crucial research for these below-the-belt cancers. So, when The Foundation for Women’s Cancer reached out to me via Twitter to come to Washington D.C. and join their effort in raising awareness and funds for the National Race to End Women’s Cancer, I said, "Yes! Sign me up and I’ll be there." I have had the honor to be a spokesperson and chair this amazing event the last four plus years. 

In the lead-up to the National Race, I was thrilled to celebrate and partner with the fabulous fragrance brand, House of Sillage, which is run and owned by my friend, the wonderful Nicole Mather. House of Sillage created the fragrance “Whispers of Strength” to benefit the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. I hosted an event to introduce this fabulous fragrance and promote the Race and the Foundation. It was a lovely event, and I thank all of the ladies for their strong support of the Foundation and this cause which is so important to me. 

Camille Grammer Sends Dorit Kemsley a Message

At Lisa’s birthday party the next day, I brought some sexy gifts for both Lisa and Dorit. Since my mind was on getting my mojo back, I thought they would be fun and playful. I did give Dorit a ballgag as a joke and as a not-so-subtle message to stop running her mouth off. I felt it was appropriate to have a go at her after the strap-on line comment and C-word confrontation. Apparently, her generous spirit prevents her from receiving jokes in the spirit in which she gives them. I was surprised by Dorit’s negative reaction as I would have thought she would think it was silly and play if off as just that. I didn’t mean to offend her but wanted to bring some levity to the situation and exact a small measure of revenge. Hopefully one day she will have a giggle at this. As always, Lisa’s party was lovely and she received many thoughtful and beautiful gifts from the ladies. 

Until next time, cheers for now.


House of Sillage “Whispers of Strength” 

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