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Kyle Richards: Family Dynamics Are Complicated

Kyle explains why she was nervous to tell Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards about her exciting development news.

By Kyle Richards
Things Have Changed Between Kyle and Her Sisters

Hi everyone! Happy New Year to all of you!

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This week we get a peek into Dorit designing and preparing to relaunch her swimwear line. Dorit has great taste, and I know it will be a great success. 

It Looks Like Teddi Has Been Stood Up

Moving on to Teddi and Dorit’s meeting for drinks that never happened. Watching Teddi sit there waiting for Dorit makes me very uncomfortable. This topic will come up for a while after as you can imagine. 

While being late in LA is common because of traffic, more than 20 minutes is too much. 

I know Dorit felt bad, because we discussed it, which comes up, so we will save that for later. But trust me this does not get dropped quickly. Not to mention it takes things in another direction. I totally understand Teddi feeling frustrated that she hired a babysitter and left her kids. And I can feel that I am going to be in the middle of a sticky situation. At first I tried to explain that there was a time discrepency, but this is going to play out so, I will leave you to come to your own conclusion.

Later I meet Erika for lunch. I share with Erika about my other shows that are in development. What I mean when I say that I don’t want to get myself in “trouble” with my sisters is there was some confusion with American Woman as to exactly what the show is going to be. I only share stories from my perspective. I would never take it upon myself to share someone else's stories. And I have a lot of respect for my mother and her memory. While my mom was flawed—as we all are—she loved her children more than anything in the world. And that is very apparent in American Woman. But since there was concern on Kathy’s part about the project, I feel nervous to share future projects, even though they don’t have anything to do with my sisters. Kim has actually been very supportive of everything I am doing, and her support means a lot to me. 

Mr. Girardi's Been in a Car Accident

Erika also tells me about Tom’s accident. It's scary at any age to have to have surgery, so I can understand Erika’s concern, especially when Tom is normally working nonstop and seems invincible. 

Lisa Rinna seems totally in her element when in NYC co hosting with Ryan Seacrest . She is very good at that. The woman can talk (wink wink)!

I met up with Dorit for dinner and immediately the topic of being late to meet Teddi comes up. This is a total "she said/she said” situation. I have no idea what the actual meeting time was, so I can’t really weigh in. All I know is they both think they are right, and that's never good. 

When I tell Dorit about my other shows in development, I found myself surprisingly emotional. Yes, I am an emotional person, but my reaction surprised even me. The night before is when I had heard about the the other projects. It’s always in those moments I really miss my mom. My dad too, of course, but my mom was my biggest cheerleader. I would give anything to be able to call her and share this exciting news. My husband is always supportive and excited about my projects, and I feel very fortunate to have him cheer me on and encourage me. 

I, like many people, have had bumps in the road when it comes to family. Family dynamics are complicated and weigh heavily on me. The more I care about someone, the more it hurts. I look forward to the day when things are less complicated. Family is the most important thing to me. 

I meet up with Camille, Teddi, and Lisa Rinna for dinner. Before Lisa Rinna gets there we get into it AGAIN about the "54 minutes versus 6 minutes” with Teddi and Dorit AND about Dorit calling calling Camille the c-word. I can see how it looked. And I despise that word. However, I do know that Dorit was joking and thought she was being funny. Although not everyone thought it was funny, she wasn’t being malicious. 

When Rinna walks in, the first thing she brings up is a lawsuit with Lisa Vanderpump. My radar immediately went up. WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS UP? And for anyone to suggest that Ken Todd would ever lay a hand on a woman is ridiculous. I was actually at the Vanderpump Dog Foundation event where the person had claimed this happened. It was a beautiful evening without incident, so why is Lisa Rinna bringing this up?! Like I said, the woman can talk. 

Until next week…



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