Denise Richards: These Milestones are Bittersweet

Denise Richards: These Milestones are Bittersweet

Denise Richards opens up about navigating the challenging moments of having daughters who "aren't so little anymore."

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Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Have Different Ideas When It Comes to Their Daughter Dating

It’s that time again! I hope you all enjoyed seeing a bit more of my family this week. I can’t believe my oldest is already in high school and preparing for her first dance! As a mom, these milestones are always bittersweet. My little girls are not so little anymore. It’s hard raising teenagers, and I know I make mistakes as a mom. It’s challenging navigating it and thinking, "Am I dealing with it in the best way?" I can totally sympathize with Kyle seeing her girls leave the nest for college. I know that will be tough when the day comes for me. 

Kyle Richards Is a Hypochondriac

When Lisa invited me over for a pastry-making day, I was really looking forward to spending some more time with the girls. I still question where “pastry class” came from seeing as there was no dough or baking of any kind, haha! We all still had a great time, though. The chocolate boxes ended up being fun to make and the conversation even better. Erika cracks me up, and I think it’s hot imagining her imagining Aaron and me, haha. I would, however, like to clarify when I did have sex with my husband in a session room, it was after hours! 

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Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna Have an Unexpected Connection

On a much more serious, but important note, I admire Amelia for being public about something so personal. She will help so many girls. Having known her and her sister since they were little girls, I know Lisa and Harry are proud that their girls have grown into amazing young ladies.  

Dorit Kemsley Is Taking the Ladies on an Over-the-Top Trip

After a busy few months at work, I was ready for some R&R — so it was perfect timing when Dorit invited me and the ladies to the Bahamas. I hadn’t been there in quite some time, and she was raving about a new resort that we had to try out. Sunshine and poolside is my kind of vacation. Of course, it’s tough leaving my girls, but I knew that they would be in excellent hands with Aaron. If you know Dorit, there’s no surprise that we would be traveling in style! The plane setup was gorgeous. I’m sure this is going to be a luxurious trip, and I can’t wait!



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