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Camille Grammer: I Had Higher Expectations for the Ladies From Beverly Hills

"I am glad that I did not succumb to the incessant pressure to throw [Lisa Vanderpump] under the bus this season."

By Camille Grammer
Unseen Moments From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 Reunion

Hello again.

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On part two of the reunion, I try to withstand an onslaught of attacks coming at me from all sides.

The first critique directed at me was why I thought Teddi's relationship with Kyle was "creepy" and why I felt she was up "Kyle's ass." This is relatively easy to account for as the clips from the season provide ample and damning evidence. Even Erika and Dorit support these statements in various vignettes on the show. Teddi come lately, Kyle's new best friend, little sister, and henchwoman is hard for me to handle. She is accountable to no one and is obviously buddying up with Kyle to preserve a place in the group. While I have had my differences with Kyle over the years, we have developed an ability to work through our problems. Teddi compounds the problems, intrudes into other people's relationships, and makes things worse not better. Her comment that I was not sufficiently friendly with Kyle to ask her to be a bridesmaid is ridiculous and an example of her deficiencies and pretend civility. How would she know? She has been Kyle's friend for less than 24 months. It also reveals her nastiness towards me and supports the fact that she snubbed my daughter at the airport which she did.

Denise's broadsides are easier to deal with as they are far less sophisticated. I do find her instructions on how I should behave both presumptuous and obnoxious. Less offensive to me are her on-camera musings about whether I am "on something." I take this as a left-handed compliment from someone who clearly enjoys her tequila. Beyond that, this innuendo is extremely insensitive given the fact that I am a cancer survivor and grateful for my relative good health. I am open to suggestions on how to deal with her scowls, snarls, frowns, eye rolls, and negative body language. 

Turning to my wedding, my greatest source of ire in this situation. Despite what I said on the show, I invited all of the ladies to attend as I valued my friendships with each of them. None of them were obligated to attend and I do appreciate the fact that they traveled to my destination wedding. However, I did expect my guests to act with grace and dignity. Seeing the way the ladies behaved after the wedding is still very upsetting to me. I had higher expectations for the ladies from Beverly Hills, and I am still livid at the way they acted on the van ride to the airport. We had other guests on their flight so their off-camera behavior was on display, observed and certainly not what I would have expected.

Looking back, Lisa Vanderpump and I have had a complex relationship, and I think I have honestly described some of the highs and lows with the girls. With respect to this season, she treated me much nicer than the Housewives who attended my wedding, so I will continue to appreciate her. I am glad that I did not succumb to the incessant pressure to throw her under the bus this season. I now have a greater understanding of why she didn't film or attend the reunion. She is one sharp woman!

Camille xoxoxo

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