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Kyle Richards: I KNEW She Would Turn Nothing into Something

"I love Lisa, but she loves to jump at a chance to make me look like a bad friend, which I am NOT."

By Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Is Trying to Make Her Look Bad

Season 9. I can hardly believe it! Welcome to RHOBH, Denise Richards. Nice to have yet another Richards join the cast. Maybe we’ll find out we’re related.

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Teddi comes to visit me at my new home (which I am finally settling into) to workout. We immediately start to laugh about everything. That’s what we do. Yes, of course, I think I’m dying again. I laugh about it, but the truth is my anxiety was through the roof during this time. My daughter Sophia was leaving home for the first time for college in a couple of weeks. If you know me by now, that is very difficult for me. I don’t do well with my children leaving the nest. On top of that, my one eye wasn’t opening all the way, and I had yet to figure out what it was. STAY AWAY FROM WEB MD!

In April, Lisa lost her brother. My heart broke for her. She didn’t leave her house for about a month, but we were in constant contact. Once she felt OK enough to go out, we shared a quiet dinner discussing what she was going through. Lisa doesn’t like to show emotion, so I was relieved to hear her open up about it. I think it’s an important part of healing.

Going to Vanderpump Dogs is something Portia and Slate love to do. I love it too, so it’s a fun outing for all of us.

When John Sessa from Vanderpump Dogs asked me if I recognized the dog, I had no clue whose dog that was. It was clear to me they wanted me to know the story about Dorit and the dog. Lisa was saying, “We aren’t going to talk about it,” but they brought the dog out for a reason. I watched as they did this song and dance about the dog and “not wanting to talk about it.” Meanwhile, I was told the entire story. It seemed odd that both Teddi and I had been given this information knowing full well that it should be a private matter. Obviously having this story put out there would only hurt Dorit. But why? Dorit and Lisa are such close friends. It didn’t sit well with me, and I felt I wasn’t getting an accurate story.

Since Lisa lost her brother, we spoke daily except for when I was in Europe with my family for our summer vacation. When I returned from Europe, I spoke with Teddi who mentioned going to a Daily Mail party at Tom Tom. I recalled getting an invitation from The Daily Mail but was confused, because I knew Tom Tom wasn’t open yet and Lisa never reached out to me or mentioned any party. To err on the side of caution, I called Lisa and asked her about the party. I explained to her that I just landed and it was 4 a.m. for me and I could barely hold my eyes open and looked like a mess. She told me that it wasn’t her party and that she hadn’t even invited anyone. It was The Daily Mail’s party and their guest list. She also confirmed that Tom Tom was not actually open yet.

Soon after the Daily Mail party, I texted Lisa asking if she was at Tom Tom, because I wanted to come to visit her. She replied that she was not there but was out to dinner with Ken. I said maybe I would come by to where they were having dinner and say hello to both of them, to which she replied, “NO! Go away. I’m with Ken on a date,” so I teased I was on my way over, to which she protested. I told her I was just kidding and explained I was with Teddi and just thought I would stop by Tom Tom to say hello on my way home. She replied, “Oh, you’re with the friend who showed up to support me," referring to the Daily Mail party.

I was very taken aback and thought to myself, "This is exactly why I called Lisa regarding the party to clarify, because I knew she would do this." So I reminded her that she told me she didn’t invite anyone (Daily Mail invited Teddi) and it wasn’t her party. Then I told her not to look for problems with me. To which she replied, “I don’t have to look. I didn’t invite anyone, but some just show up and I love them for it...Teddy Bear." I didn’t know if Lisa made that jab because she doesn’t like that Teddi and I are so close or she was simply looking for a problem with me.

So when I told Lisa at Vanderpump Dogs that she was being a bitch to me about the Daily Mail party, I was referring to that text and the fact that I KNEW she would turn nothing into something. I felt set up. I love Lisa, but she loves to jump at a chance to make me look like a bad friend, which I am NOT. I pride myself on being a good friend, and all my friends can attest to that. So why does Lisa do that? If she actually wanted me there, I would have done my best to get there. I know she’s going through a hard time, but this isn’t anything new. It’s a pattern and I was quickly defensive because I have been down this road before.

Once Lisa breaks down and then apologizes, all is forgiven. We have been friends too long to fight over something this petty.

At my pool party, it’s nice to see everyone together again. Everyone is getting along well and having a great day. Watching Cruz and Jagger together is adorable. Their conversation made me laugh so much! Seems that these kids will bring their mommys together whether they like it or not.

P.S. how much fun does goat yoga look?!

Until next week ...

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