Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: I've Said All I Have to Say

"It’s the little things that reveal your character."

The RHOBH Ladies Cycle Their Asses Off
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It’s the little things that make me happy to do what I do. My husband, friends and All IN coaches and clients showing up to support a good cause; Nichelle and Cycle House for welcoming us and kicking our butts; Traci with Gracefully Fed donating her delicious goodies and food to help restore us after our ride; being able to give all proceeds to Vanderpump Dogs, despite just being a “couple of grand here and there” as a humble, grateful, and absent LVP so kindly put it.

It’s the little things that make the best relationships. Like how Edwin can look at me with a ridiculous towel on my head and still love me, or how Harry and Rinna can laugh over dead bugs, or how LVP and John Blizzard have such comfortable, easy banter despite LVP barely knowing him and never having any contact with him whatsoever.

It’s the little things that make you perk up. Like me when I'm drinking my morning coffee in my favorite blue mug, or Denise and Aaron when opening their thoughtful wedding gifts, or all of us when reading the language used in that leaked story — reading phrases like “stabbed in the back,” “nipped,” “poor creature,” and “She (LVP) is not the type of woman that holds onto grudges very long.”

It’s the little things that reveal your character. Like how, despite my issues with LVP, I never would have thought about not doing the charity ride, because I made a commitment and it was for a good cause or like how LVP is so glad she and her team decided not to cancel the ride because they “would have looked petty.”

It’s the little things you say to show others how you truly feel. Like saying “I love you” as your husband leaves for work or saying “real friends show up” when people come together to support you or someone saying they're “not thinking about Dorit and the f---ing dog” but then changing their tone in the middle of an argument and correcting themselves because they suddenly remember there are cameras in their kitchen and they certainly don’t want anyone to think dogs aren’t what they truly care about.

This Is the Feud That Broke Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards' Friendship
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At this point, I’ve said all I have to say about the dog drama — you either see it or you don’t (it’s the little things if you go back and watch). I will say that the fight between Kyle and LVP was uncomfortable to watch — as you saw, Kyle was anxious and wants to do the best for everyone involved. Kyle went there to be a good friend and with the best intentions in letting LVP know how we all felt and somehow come to a resolution. She didn’t deserve such aggression from LVP or Ken, who should not have gotten involved at all nor gotten scarily close to Kyle’s face with his finger.

However, despite what has gone on between us, I do congratulate LVP and company on getting that bill passed in Congress.

Now, I’m off to go contemplate all of my questionable headwear choices.

XO Teddi


If you’re in LA and want a good workout: https://cyclehouse.com @cyclehouse

And/or you want some good food: https://www.gracefullyfed.com @gracefullyfed

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