Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: I Have Learned My Lesson

"I am not proud of my initial instinct to give a convenient – and not completely honest – account of events."

When Did Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Become So Close?
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I know I wasn't forthcoming about the exact details of doggygate. I am not proud of my initial instinct to give a convenient – and not completely honest – account of events. I didn't live up to my own standards through my actions, and that's what's most difficult of all. I felt much better apologizing and owning up to my shortcomings. All of the women forgave me, because I was willing to have the difficult conversations about the matter and to acknowledge what I had done wrong. And they all recognize the whole truth about who had their hands where. 

I thought that's how this all worked. It's not like I'm the first (or last) Housewife to not be completely honest about a situation. I have learned my lesson. And I'm fine that it all came out. I learned about myself as a person and whom I want to be moving forward. I guess I should say I take accountability since that word follows me around closer than Cruz when I just want to use the restroom.

Another lesson I've learned – never accuse someone of "full amnesia." You never know when that little bug is gonna hit you. Phew, I've got a textbook's worth of lessons. I should write a book for future Housewives.

I don't need to defend my relationship with Kyle. I can see how having a true friendship rather than ones based on a TV show is hard for Camille to grasp.

I find it rich that Camille wants to call us all out for things when she herself has said she only acted the way she acted this season because she knew she needed to "bring it." So basically, she's all an act. But she calls Dorit the phony one? Okay. I could type up the multiple times Camille was "phony" this season here but I don't want to develop carpal tunnel. 

Until next week, when we close out the season for good...

XO Teddi

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