Binky Boo Makes Eight — And Her Small-Screen Debut on RHOBH

Binky Boo Makes Eight — And Her Small-Screen Debut on RHOBH

Lisa Vanderpump reminds us that she has eight dogs, and is a queen among humans.

By Brienne Walsh
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Lisa Vanderpump Shares Why She Rescued Her Newest Dog, Binky

When Ken brought a fluffy, adorable dog into Lisa Vanderpump’s dressing room on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we knew Lisa was a goner even though she insisted the dog couldn’t stay with them. A goner in the sense that she would fall in love, and give that little schnookums a forever home at Villa Rosa!

And, of course, how could she give that puppy up? In a series of Instagram and Twitter posts this morning, Lisa reminded us that the dog, whom she named Binky Boo, is now a permanent member of her family.  

Binky joined Vanderpump household back in November because, as Lisa explained to Unleashed in an interview, she was too depressed to thrive at Vanderpump Dogs. Binky had spent the first seven months of her life in a tiny cage, where she couldn’t stand up, walk, or play. Lisa took her in to hopefully revive her, and expected to keep her for only three days. Three days became forever, and now Binky is sipping purified water from a crystal bowl, and (we hope) rolling around in Lisa’s diamonds!

Binky is one of eight dogs who currently live at Villa Rosa. According to Lisa, her mood is much improved. She’s always “in trouble with the Schnook,” Lisa says, and generally ruling the household. “There are no bad dogs — just bad owners,” Lisa reminded us.

What can we do while they are eating?.. oh yes I know...

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What we want to know is — how does Binky get that amazing volume in her hair? Is it Ken who brushes her one hundred times a day, or is it Lisa’s housekeeper, Rocio?

For more pictures of Binky, see below.

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