Don't Worry, Everyone: Giggy Is on the Mend

Don't Worry, Everyone: Giggy Is on the Mend

Lisa Vanderpump's pup is better after his health scare in Aspen.

By Brienne Walsh

He goes by many names. Giggy. The Gigster. Gigolo. One thing’s for certain — if he ever dies, Ken will ask to be buried with him in the 24-karat gold pyramid the family has no doubt already erected in his honor.

This past weekend on a ski trip to Aspen with Lisa Vanderpump, Giggy came close to meeting the angels. He got so sick that he had to be taken to the Aspen Animal Hospital. It’s unclear what he came down with, although some fans speculate altitude sickness.

LVP immediately whisked her baby home to Beverly Hills in what appeared to be a Gigster-sized hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It goes without saying that it fit perfectly on the seat of the private jet in which he arrived.

Home now.. thank you to all the wonderful people at Aspen Animal hospital!

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The Gigster is now apparently recovered, and relaxing in style. We’re sure he has plenty of pajamas to choose from while he convalesces — and we have no doubt that if he gets the chills, Ken will nurse him with skin-to-skin contact (like Jason Wimberly does with Elvis).

We wonder if the scare made Ken and Lisa reconsider cloning their favorite hairless child? We’ll have to wait to find out. But in the meantime, feel better, little Giggy!

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