Is This Actually a Pic of ALL of Lisa Vanderpump's Dogs?!

Is This Actually a Pic of ALL of Lisa Vanderpump's Dogs?!

We put on our sleuthing caps.

By Morgan Ashley Parker
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How Does Lisa Vanderpump Choose Her Animals' Names?

When Lisa Vanderpump posted the picture below on Instagram, we had a couple thoughts off the bat. First we thought that we'd 100% be fine being in that room with the pups (and kept out of the room they all so look like they want to be in). Our second thought was, is this actually the most complete "family" photo of her dogs that we've ever seen?

Going largest to smallest, there's Rumpy Pumpy and Avery (the Golden Retrievers), a sprawled-out Schnooky (the Cocker Spaniel) and her newest dog Binky jumping up against the glass. Then there's Puffy the Pomeranian (aka Prince Harry aka Harrison) looking like he's barking and Pandora's pup Darling Sabo watching the camera person intently. If you look extra closely, there's a glimpse of pink behind Binky which can only be Giggy, wearing something fabulous we're sure, and then a tiny white face in the back that seems like it's gotta be Lollipop the Maltese.

What can we do while they are eating?.. oh yes I know...

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As it turns out this picture didn't exactly have a happy ending. Watch the Instagram video below to see the aftermath from those "naughty puppies."

No one puts Binky (and Avery, Rumpy Pumpy, Darling, Giggy, Puffy, Schnooky and Lollipop) in a corner. NO ONE.

Naughty puppies 😂

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