We Got a Rare Glimpse of Erika Girardi's *Other* Pet, Calamari Watson

We Got a Rare Glimpse of Erika Girardi's *Other* Pet, Calamari Watson

We love her dog Tiago ... but have you seen this beauty?

By Morgan Ashley Parker

Now there are many things that we have Erika Girardi to thank for: First and foremost Erika Jayne, but also relatable trips to Costco and not-so-relatable beauty routines. She also has one of the sleekest, most XXPEN$IVE-looking pups named Tiago and we loved how gushy she got when we asked her holiday plans for him

Tiago rarely makes an appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but we know he's there in the background with his watchful eye (along with Erika's son).

But you know who we *forgot* was also there with our (not) pretend amnesia — Erika's other pet, the octopus. (Remember when she did that renovation on her bedroom and study to make room for this very fellow?

In her recent Instagram video, we can hear Erika crooning "Calamari" which nearly as cheeky a name for this creature as Bacon Bit is for a pig.

Do you think she's testing out a new hit for him?

During the same video, let's just say her Dutch Shepherd got jealous of the attention. He's hard to see but we can tell Tiago is most definitely ready for his next closeup now.

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