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Brandi: I'm So Over Kameron

"Why don't you worry about your own issues?" Brandi asks of the new 'Wife. 

By Brandi Redmond
Does Kameron Westcott Have a Double Standard?

Thank you again for tuning in.

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First, let me start by saying that as an adult I am by no means in charge of holding anyone but myself accountable for their actions. So the fact that Cary expected me to hold LeeAnne accountable is ridiculous. I don't care if Cary can't look at me in the face, but I will look straight at her and confirm that I'm not lying about the doctor comment. I had Cary on bluetooth with my mom in the car as we were leaving the doctor’s appointment after booking surgery when she said what she said. And once again, me telling LeeAnne was an attempt to blow off the vagina doctor comment. I was wrong for repeating it, and I'm sorry for making the situation worse, but it was said. 

I wasn't bothered by it, because I knew in my heart that I wasn’t lying, and I wanted to continue to have a good time. So we went to the tequila bar and did just that. I had so much fun with the ladies. D'Andra is a blast, and I'm loving getting to know her and her fun side. The girl can take a joke and have fun. LeeAnne was fun too, and I know she was hurting, but she sucked it up for a good time.

Well, I guess I'm officially a dildo hunter. I wanted to dress up as LeeAnne so our odds of finding Sexual Chocolate would be greater. What do you know — it worked! High five to Brandi and Stephanie!

Brandi Redmond Impersonates LeeAnne Locken

Moving along to Big Bird. I think that she has a double standard, because to her it's OK to talk about washing your vagina at a beach picnic since it's "medically necessary." It would have been a different story had I said that. I can hear her in my head saying, "Well Brandi, if you need to do that, go do it, but we don't need to know about your lady parts."

I think we all know that it's OK because it's Cary. So whatever — I'm so over Big Bird. However, I do need to apologize to Kameron because she isn't totally full of sh--. Did I make fun of LeeAnne and her compact? Yes, but LL knows I would do and have done so to her face. Second, did I say things about LeeAnne with the other ladies? Yes I did, but we were talking about the "hands-not-knives" situation. Again, I said LeeAnne comes off as "mentally unstable" in my opinion because of how she acts when she breaks and lashes out. So there, I said it. I own not only that I said it, but that I meant it too. It can be scary for the person on the receiving end. So Big Bird, let's hope you don't cross her one day. I have been honest with LeeAnne since day one. Big Bird, why don't you worry about your own issues? You didn't see the drama in the cave, but go ahead and stir the pot. D'Andra then brought up the Mark thing, and I was honestly glad. I was tired of feeling in the middle of these two. Did I laugh? Yes — who wouldn't in that moment after so much tequila? These ladies needed to address each other and leave me and my sense of humor out of it. LeeAnne and I have some serious history, and you know what, I do love to hate her and hate to love her. I can't say the same for Kameron.

Leading me to bringing Sexual Chocolate on the boat. I knew it was going to be funny, at least for me. Kameron is the one with the double standard, so at that point, I didn't care if I was pushing her buttons. I thought it was funny. However, I laughed so hard when she told me I could suck it. Yasss! She broke, if only she would complete the saying like D'Andra did.

Thank you again for watching!


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