Cary: I Was Surprised Everyone Made Up So Easily

Cary: I Was Surprised Everyone Made Up So Easily

It takes more than a simple sorry to earn Cary Deuber's trust - plus she defends her stunning Gatsby gown. 

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful week! Thank you all for your continued love and support.

This week you see my sweet little girl turning three! But first I gotta say…

LeeAnne gave a keynote speech at the Grace Project charity for women living with HIV that was actually pretty darn good. It was heartfelt and inspirational…a different side of her than any of us have seen so far. I think she did a really good job.

Now back to Zuri; I can't believe she’s three already! As you moms out there know, it goes by so fast. She is my little angel and makes me laugh and smile everyday. It is amazing to look at her little face and see half of me and half of Mark…It is such a blessing to have a baby with a man I love so much.

Zuri is so much like her mommy:) She doesn't want a lot of gifts. She loves the things she has and takes good care of those things. That dress she wore is actually the only time Daddy has ever styled her. She is very picky in that department…I wonder where she gets that!?! The little party with her friend was so cute and I still stand by my decision for vanilla over chocolate. The kid had on Missoni…Chocolate cake would have been all over the place! Mommies know best on stuff like that!

After Zuri’s party, the adults got a birthday party, too...

We were so excited for Travis’ birthday party! I love, love, love the 20’s / Gatsby theme. Stephanie killed it with the party planning!!! Watching the episode, I’m bummed that LeeAnne and Tiffany seemed to think my outfit and I were not in the spirit of the party. Frankly, I still don’t see it. I was actually super excited that I could wear my dress from my wedding reception instead of having to go find a costume; and I knew Mark could come up with something really dapper. The only thing I was a little hesitant about was that everyone had been fighting with LeeAnne and our last interaction was so weird. I had some cocktails and got over it fairly quickly. I was surprised that everyone seemed to have made up so easily. That’s great and all, but for me it takes a lot more than just a simple sorry to earn my trust and respect.

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