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RHOD Deep Dive: Everything Discussed During the Reunion

Get the facts behind all the drama that went down during the our Dallas 'Wives' first rodeo. 

By Mary Paige Nesfeder

The Real Housewives of Dallas' explosive first season certainly had us ready for an equally explosive first Reunion - and oh, it did not disappoint. If you're like us, your head is still spinning from all the drama that went down. A brave Andy Cohen sat down with the ladies of Dallas to hash out every single feud, argument, and rumor that occurred during the exciting first season. Still looking for answers? Luckily we've got the scoop on everything discussed during the Reunion.

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1. Cary and Mark's Relationship

Throughout the season, rumors were swirling about how Cary and husband Mark got together. At the Reunion, LeeAnne had no problem sharing that she, and apparently much of Dallas, believed that the two co-workers had an affair while Mark was still married. In her blog, LeeAnne clarifies,

First of all, I did not START the rumor about Cary and her marriage. That rumor has been going around Dallas for the LAST 10 YEARS.”

LeeAnne Locken

Next on #RHOD: Serious Shade is Thrown at Cary Deuber

Leave it to Andy Cohen to directly ask the Deubers, "So you two did not have an affair?" Through tears, Cary and Mark denied that their relationship began while Mark was married. No matter what Heidi Effin' Dillon says.

2. Cary vs. LeeAnne

LeeAnne burst onto the RHOD scene and before long, she managed to get into a fight with pretty much every other Dallas Housewife. Most notably, she clashed with Cary over the above rumors and gossip - and in Cary's words "being a bully."

Cary Deuber Is Not Afraid of LeeAnne Locken

At the Reunion the ladies confronted their complicated relationship in a battle of the rumors. Andy called LeeAnne out about spreading "trash" about Cary's marriage as LeeAnne accused Cary of doing the same by attacking her "carnie past." LeeAnne's refusal to back down - or should we say her "bowing" back - got Cary so upset that she walked off set dripping in Cavalli.

Cary Deuber Walks Out of the Reunion in Tears

But, in true Reunion fashion, LeeAnne and Cary were finally able to put the rumors behind them and hug it out - while starting another fight between LeeAnne and Stephanie Hollman. Are you keeping up?

3. Brandi and Bryan's Relationship

Dallas' cutest redheads Brandi and Bryan Redmond had their fair share of drama between just the two of them this season.  We learned just how upset Bryan was about her strip club performance when a teary-eyed Brandi confessed to BFF Stephanie that her marriage was not a good place after her night on the town - or rather, on the stage.

But the couple's drama didn't stop there - when Bryan showed up to a family party late and drunk, Brandi referred to him as "the biggest douchebag she knows." Not great. When she brought up her concerns about this absent behavior? Bryan got fed up and walked out. Brandi reflected on this emotional moment in her blog saying,

When he walked away it made me regret trying to talk to him. I love him so much and my heart was heavy.”

Brandi Redmond

Brandi Redmond Finally Confronts her Husband

So where was the couple now? At the Reunion we learned that even though Bryan dropped the D-word at one time during the season, the couple has reconciled and is doing really well. In fact, so well that they renewed their vows in Puerto Vallarta.

4. Marie vs. LeeAnne and Tiffany

While this season had plenty of poop talk, one question sticks out the most: who spread LeeAnne's embarassing poop story? Tiffany and LeeAnne are sure it was Marie but Marie continuously denies the allegations to this day, stating in her blog,

Prior to Austin I had never discussed any LeeAnne poop story with Taylor or any of the ladies on that trip.”

Marie Reyes

Tiffany and LeeAnne Confront Marie About Her Betrayal

The three were seated on the same couch at the Reunion, causing some heated arguments that unfortunately yielded no answers to the season's biggest question.

Tiffany Hendra Flips When Marie Reyes Enters the Reunion

5. That Night in Austin

The Reunion wouldn't be complete without discussing the biggest blowout of the season. On a seemingly harmless girls' trip to Austin, LeeAnne unleashed her anger on Marie, giving us classic lines like, "I'm going to gut you Carnie-style." Marie remembers that wild night in her blog from that week saying,

For the life of me, I cannot understand why I didn’t pack up and leave immediately after LeeAnne exploded and threatened my life.”

Marie Reyes

You Won't Believe What LeeAnne Just Threatened

At the Reunion we learned that, unfortunately, this 20-year friendship hasn't been salvaged and that Marie almost took a restraining order out against LeeAnne.

Marie Reyes Took Out Restraining Order on LeeAnne Locken

Considering LeeAnne declared she will never reconcile with Mrs. Reyes in her Reunion blog, we guess LeeAnne did "cut Marie out of her life," after all. 

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