Stephanie Hollman Went on a Dramatic Rescue Mission for Backyard Chairs

Stephanie Hollman Went on a Dramatic Rescue Mission for Backyard Chairs

The Real Housewives of Dallas mom even donned camouflage!

By Tamara Palmer

It's been an adventurous few days for Stephanie Hollman, who went on an unexpected rescue mission behind her fabulous home. The Real Housewives of Dallas mom is more accustomed to lounging in her awesome backyard swing than donning a camouflage jumpsuit and rooting around in Turtle Creek, which borders her property, but that's just what she did when heavy rain and wind blew some of her outdoor chairs into the water.


The mission was a two-day process featuring her assistant Trey Stewart and a few friends who came to her aid, which she cutely called a "meet and greet" in her Instagram Stories. While Stephanie took a break to go see her trainer at the gym, Trey jumped in a kayak and looked for the chairs in the creek. He didn't have a lot of luck.

"I saw what I thought were two chairs, but they were just tree stumps," he lamented.


After her workout, Stephanie came back home and got in the kayak to look for the chairs, but was mainly concerned about polling people as to whether or not there is poop in Turtle Creek. She turned to a professional diver on Thursday to look for the chairs in the creek, who didn't find anything (but did confirm that there is poop in the creek).

"Now I know what to get Travis for Father's Day," Stephanie told her followers on Instagram. Always seeing the silver lining, that Stephanie!

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